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Spare Okello on Jinja Nile Bridge – Mwaka Lutukumoi

If they can spend thousands of dollars to bring Kanye West and do pr with millions of dollars , who is a common Okello to question new Jinja bridge? How many people are paid to attack such Okellos? Okello

Benson Ho’bexOkello in his post compared Jinja new bridge with those in UAE, he was attacked…

32 years, how many bridges do we have, WHEN DID we privatise and how much worth are guys who manage the state and above all if there were no corruption and good governance how many brigades will we have?

I congratulate the NRM government FOR the new bridge but must not make much ado about nothing on it.

Its shame that we boast on one bridge built in 30 years, when we still have 16 women dying daily giving birth for no medical care, when more tham $300 millions get lost on corruption by one family, groups of revolutionaries, and former comrades, “the 1986 billionaire club” owning land and wealth of the nation.

Uganda is at 56? And only that bridge you are spinning and yet British, Obote, Amin’s scent of achievements still mix our atmosphere.

32 years of one man’s rule, where its a taboo to talk about change of leadership, in a country where there’s no freedom after speech, where it becomes a crime to even think of becoming a President. Imagine a person neaked named ” Ghetto PRESIDENT ” had to survive death, many died suspicious DEATH, is it the ” the Acholi old persons” or old man’s syndrome of when ” an old man and untimely death of infants begins”.

In Acholi, when a person over stays alive, to 90s and beyond, he becomes a nightmare. Children start dying, untimely, all the death are blamed for bad omen he carries, he might not even be the cause.

In our case, Generals of the army are dying, members of parliament, some unknown assailants do that. Others are suspects. When a regime over stays, there are three deadly people that evolves 1- regime militants that will kill to keep the regime, 2. Regime members who kill to protect the regime and wealth obscenly acquired and 3. The regime haters who can also have personal interest and take advantage. If YOU are a lukewarm regime supporter who at times appears controversial, be careful, the latter and the former can have you for dinner.

You either shut up, support the regime 100% or fight it without being doubled funged!

Therefore, lets not hang or guillotine Okello Benson Ho’bex for comparing Bridges in Uganda and UAE. It might not apply but comparable, in comparative analyses and epistemological analysis, we can compare time.

Look, a far rich South Korea was at the level of Uganda economically in the 1960s. How far, if I compare you will scathe me.

Hobex isnt shurtering the sinking ship, but helping to scuttle the water underneath.

All in all, its like getting a new wife, making lots of noise about her yet you do nothing to change the status if the old.

The moral question is, if he MUSEVENI builds another bridge, am sure he will ask for more 30 years in power to do more.

Like the Pigs, damn pigs and Molly in the book ” Animal farm”, NRM members seem to have become STUPID and like I used to laugh at my Zimbabwean friends of how in 21st century they have a President for 30 + years.

Indeed ” Pe inye odo mugoyo nyeki. Don’t laugh at a stick that beat and riddicule your fellow cowife before it turns on you.

Imagine Mugabe 37 years in power, MUSEVENI 32 years with 20 more he feels and will demand as long as he breaths.

Uganda needs a new beginning , not violent change, not grave yard change but negotiated. But if the regime does not wake up, violent change will be inevitable.