Police whisked away Hon Zaake to his home at a terrific speed - Whisper Eye

Police whisked away Hon Zaake to his home at a terrific speed

Mityana Municipality MP, Francis Zaake arrived in Uganda at the early morning on Thursday 11th October 2018. However security forces immediately whisked him away   from the plane.

Mr Zaake arrived  from Manipal Hospital in India where he was hospitalised for close to 6 weeks  following the brutal torture  meted on him  by Uganda security agents.

Ms Bridget Namirembe informed Whisper Eye  that as soon the plane touched the ground, police officers who were on standby immediately picked Mr Zaake from the plane and put him in a waiting police van before speeding off.

“When I tried to get off the plane and follow, I was told by airport authorities that I would be arrested and I was informed our luggage was also taken,” she said.

Ms Namirembe said they had been scheduled to arrive at Entebbe airport aboard Kenya Airways but in a bid to beat security, they changed their flight to Jambojet from which police picked Zaake.

His lawyer Mr Asuman Basalirwa described the manner in which Mr Zaake was picked from the plane as unlawful.

“Mr Zaake reached the airport when it was approaching 7 am but they didn’t allow him to get off the plane and took him off. We had planned to take him to Mityana for prayers,” he said.

By press time Hon Zaake was talking to his supporters at his home in Mityana accompanied by his lawyer Hon Asuman .

Police had earlier warned that they would not allow any unlawful procession along roads with its deputy spokesperson, Mr Patrick Onyango saying the force would provide the MP with escort cars from the airport.