After independence, the struggle of dependence still continues - Isa Kato - Whisper Eye

After independence, the struggle of dependence still continues – Isa Kato

Uganda has changed dramatically in the last fifty Six years. We got our Independence on 9th October, 1962 when European powers withdrew from the continent, in a disgraceful faction; after their defeat from African Freedom fighters, amid jubilation to the world as the East and West rivalry continue during the Cold War with basic human rights abuses.

After independence and dancing, Uganda has become bankrupt, with numerous wars of liberations one after the other, subject to dictatorial rule, weighed down by debt, and heavily depended on western assistance for survival.

During most of African countries independence, there were collaborations, joy, real dancing in the dusty streets. The kids with their bare feet singing every street corner with the hope that future was opening for more opportunities.

Decades, after our independence, we are still moving from mass poverty to economic stagnation at the time when the rest of the developing countries in Asia and Latin America are fast catching up with the western world in terms of meaningful progress to human development, economic stability, political development, striking technological revolution and advancement in national welfare.

We had dreams that our Country was to be built with sky scrapers. We had dreamt of bright future of our Country in terms of JOBS, FREE HEALTH and EDUCATION. After all these imaginations, we have now become hopeless day by day and totally losing hope. And so, what really went wrong after those beautiful dreams?

One of the major reasons as to how we are here today is Leadership.
Our Leaders consider themselves as masters of all. Their authorities are final and nobody dares to question their policies on issues of national concerns. For them, what they say is holy.

Chinua Achebe, the Nigerian novelist writes: we ignore man’s basic nature if we say some critics do, that because a man—has risen overnight from poverty and insignificance to his present opulence he could be persuaded without much trouble to give up again return to its original state.

The novel went to say: A man who has just come in from the rain and dried his body and put on dry clothes is more reluctant to go out again.

We need accountable Leaders, we need listening leaders and leaders who are not hypocrites.
NRA was the most Popular Resistance Movement in Africa supported by the peasants but its leaders just hoodwinked our parents that they are in support of the masses, and after capturing power, their true colours just got exposed.

The Country is nursing an image that is shattered and battered by corruption, nepotism gossips, undermining and torturing of political opponents.

As we celebrate Independence today, we would like to echo to our leaders to be mindful of their actions today. These actions have great consequences tomorrow. We want our leaders to know that the Country’s resources are not personal property of anyone but the people.

As president or leader of a nation you are not above the law but a mere servant of the people. It is time for African leaders to return to the rain and lead their people in the right direction by putting these resources on the continent for the benefit of the suffering masses.

For God and my Country.

Kato Isa Ssalongo
National Coordinator
Uganda Poor Youth Movement