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Give Gen Muntu a chance – Byamugisha Moses

Has anyone thought about the dangerous risk it would have posed to our struggle for change if the it was Nrm party that is breaking away to form a Third Force?

Do members recall that the President of Zimbabwe H.E Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa was a product of a Third Force whose membership was purely the ruling ZANUPF? They rose up, put up resistance against Mugabe and overthrew him and at the end of the day it was a mere change of guards and not a fundamental change that the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Party had always fought for; New wine in same old bottles.

This can as well happen here and my point is that it would be very dangerous for the struggle for transformation of Uganda. As long as whoever is involved in engaging Ugandans is mobilising the population against the junta and it’s patronage system, there should be no cause for alarm.

What we need today in our struggle is as many leaders as possible because the more we are the stronger the consciousness awakening campaign of all Ugandans.

Fellow Ugandans, there is no need for any individuals to sit in Kampala and try to fix the 2021 presidential election. trust Ugandan voters, they will fix that election like they have always done and everyone will know his/her level . One thing I know is that Ugandans will always vote for only two people at presidential level. On who those two people will be can only be decided not by process like TDA or IPC but The People!

To you my former Party President Gen Muntu, I congratulate you upon being bold to finally announce a decision which was taken then. It’s now a good moment to define your true self and demonstrate how you would want to see things operate your way.

Am sure many Ugandans sympathize with you as someone who was never given chance(I don’t know why they think so). Go and provide leadership to those Ugandans that never believed in neither NRM nor FDC, the over 6million voters that always stayed at home when the rest of us queued in lines to vote .

Just to remind you that even Hon Betty Kamya’s Federal Alliance Party was a splinter group from FDC.
As I have always stated, am committed to Championing an inclusive youths led change.

Byamugisha Moses
(Former FDC Party Presidential candidate)