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President Museveni to retire in 2027-Hon Kakooza James tells study group

Hon Kakooza James ,  President Museveni die-hard yesterday joined a study group at Sheraton Hotel Kampala organised by Isa Kato and Luzindana Adam Buyinza as well as Kayemba Solo of Bobi Wine’s  People Power to discuss major issues affecting Uganda.

While Kakooza tried all efforts to point out achievements of President  Museveni , participants actually booed him and asked him to explain why the NRM Chairman is sowing seeds of hatred in Uganda  and why he is destroying industries owned by Ugandans by favouring Chinese and Indians industries.

The Kabula MP Kakooza James explained that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will retire  in 2027 after serving another term .He said that Museveni is still popular in villages across Uganda and commanding a huge fan base that shouldn’t be over looked.

Mp Kakooza in a study meeting with Adam Buyinza ,Ceo Buyinza Products , Isa Kato , UPYM and other youth leaders

Kakooza pointed out that he misses John Patrick Amama  Mbabazi who was very instrumental in managing and running Uganda government.

Kakooza accused former NRM Youth leader Luzindana Adam and Isa kato of misleading Uganda youth with malicious information against President Museveni However Luzindana said that in this era of information ,u don’t need to mislead any person bse every body can access information allover.

Isa Kato the National Coordinator of Uganda Poor Youth Movement used the meeting to thank USA government for supporting democracy and good governance in Africa but attacked African dictators who hate to any program related to good governance.

Kayemba Solo a top official of People Power called upon President Museveni  to step down and pave way for a peaceful transition in Uganda.

The biggest problem of Gen Museveni of today is that he doesn’t agree with the Lt Museveni  who liberated Uganda in 1986.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi

Mr Luzindana was quoted. ”Museveni changed goals from transformation of Uganda to transforming himself and today m7 no longer respect any value of good governance but is only on political survival”

On issue of rising debt burden, Luzindana advised that government must rethink and stop acquiring more Chinese debts, Uganda government must instead focus on supporting innovation and small scale businesses which are largely  informal sector.

Our country is not guided on start ups and innovation President Museveni  is too busy in politics instead of engaging government to guide Ugandans Luzindana Adam said.

The study meeting was also attended by Zephline Muhangi a trade associate at Public Opinions International and senior desk officer for Uganda at Italian Embassy, Muhangi advised that Uganda needs to bolster trade ties with Italy

According to Muhangi Uganda importers need to trade with Italy and benefit from Italian high quality goods Muhangi stated.

Importing from Italy to Uganda is important for Uganda due to highest quality products Luzindana said