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Assassination of afande Kirumira, a closer analysis – Muwada Nkunyingi

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The shooting of Yasiin in Arua,seemed isolated and a few had bothered to relate it to past shootings till the most recent of Afande Kirumira.

What is unique is that the two recent victims once sat in the passanger seat of Bobi Wine’s Tundra car. Both close friends of him and on the singular side of the struggle.

Where as Yasin’s shooting had speculations ,the one of Kirumira even created more anger since he had timely reported and sought protection. Of course he had public quarrels, but the nexus between the assassins,assassination and the quarrel may not seem obvious but a subject of investigations.

It is equally normal for opportunist to utilise quarrels and strike as a diversion. The public anger has attracted huge military but not police deployment. The crushing of attempted demonstration at Makerere today signals that the state is not likely to speculate over security and would crush at all cost,with all means any attempt to demonstrate.

The way a pajero vehicle was burnt by a mob of people around Kampala today and how public security officers were chased from burial yesterday signals a general wrong/bad public hate for the rich as exploiters and for police and security establishments viewed as smart in uniform but outsmarted by criminals terrorising innocent Ugandans and the boring song of investigations are going on.

The Muslim leaders view it as an attack on Muslims,the politicians as an attempt to silence political dissent, the public as a moment of insecurity for the poor, the journalist have fallen victims of circumstances and beaten instead of them covering the beating,the media houses are now targeted for publishing voices of dissent,and more likely a script may be designed for them for every scene.

The president in his address suggested the right thing of subjecting dissent to courts process,that sounds legal but justice must be seen than said. He signaled that investigation reports will be read out by police chief at least for most of the assassinations and indeed we anxiously wait to hear.

On the other hand Col Besigye called for continued struggle for liberation while at Old Kampala. Hon Kyagulanyi earlier said,we should fight for freedom and either win or die trying. Indeed Kirumira seems to have died trying.

What is unknown though is whether the assassins are targeting the regime as well using murder of people as tools of bad media and public incitement against the regime or targeting the people as victims to abandon freedom talk.

The president seemed to have looked at assassins as targeting the regime and promised to unleash new security approaches. He referred to NRA liberation wars. Surely the public prefer action than rhetoric.

And presidential advisers needs to address to the president that over time most of present youths neither studied or saw the NRA liberation wars, reference to recent liberation struggles based on public rights not military power is fundamental .Its all about upholding constitutionalism.

Majority people should be allowed to determine their destiny through a fair and free vote. Winning an election should not become a public crime and supporters gatherings should be protected. Within borders, movement of nationals even for political reasons should not be a reserve of one party.

But building a spirit of nationalism and patriotism is fundamental as public policing must involve the people. The big question remain,is this the nation the people want. Is it only a fair election when NRM wins.

I believe allowing freedoms as in the 1995 constitution would build confidence in Ugandans. Power should be changed democratically through a vote,it matters not who win but fair elections must be seen as possible.

With democracy majority decides but minority must not suffer. With opposition MPs crippled inside parliament you are building public hate,actions of state institutions shouldn’t resemble oppression. The emergence of BOBIWINE seems to bear new political dynamics though.

A new MP with crowds of people singing people power is a mere rehearsal of constitutional articles and strange if perceived as a threat. When u allow different religions each viewing God differently, what is strange in viewing freedom differently at least in words.

The Arua incidents are in court and l beg not to comment but public opinion seems to disagree. It is sad Kirumira and others are gone, l believe in death and time but unnatural causes must be condemned. Of course the presidents speech promised various actions,time will tell but an understanding that Uganda is for all,and rights are for all is urgent especially in the wake of security agencies.

To the angry public,the rule of law warrants adherence and endurance to the law,we shouldn’t be tempted to act illegally or overlap the legal norms ourselves, the rule of law safeguards all of us,indeed we must protect constitutionalism.

A country of hate is never safe, we must rebuild social justice. In Kenya now processions can at least happen without harm, both the state,security forces and people understood the right and need for coexistence, I liked Bobi Wine’s statement to a police officer in OTT demonstration ” …we are not fighting you,we are fighting for you ” . To be continued