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People power revelers pelt Bebe Cool with water bottles

Musician Moses Saali alias Bebe Cool faced the wrath of angry revelers at the Tarrus Riley -Swangz Avenue-

All Star concert yesterday, with stones and bottles filling the space moment he stepped on stage.

It was around 2230 hours when the “Kamwako” singer hit the stage donned in a green attire with the wife, Zuena Kirema and first son, Allan Hendrick Ssali watching over from the VVIP section when boo’s from the revelers from each side of the Cricket Oval rocked the air, demanding that he should get off stage.

Bottles, stones and pieces of broken plastics ensued being aimed at Bebe Cool who only lasted a record 30 seconds on the stage before the event management switched off the lights and microphone to allow the mob to relax.

This was however not the case as the people went ahead to rant “People Power, Our Power” and other throwing insults at the musician saying that he should go and sing for the president, General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and not them.

After 3 minutes of a total black out, lights were switched on again only for the people to realise that Bebe Cool was still standing on the stage forcing them to pelt him with whatever they could land their hands on again.

Security would then escort Bebe Cool off the stage for security purposes as his nemesis latest song, “Kyarenga” played on the screens to help calm down the situation.

This is not the first time that Bebe Cool is being forced off the stage as he was forced to leave the same prematurely at Club Ambiance in Bukesa, Mengo last week.

The fans accuse Bebe Cool for not only siding with the current regime which they say that it has turned dictatorial but also for his vocal criticism of the youth on social and television interviews.

The Tarrus Riley All Star Concert was organized by Swangz Avenue as part of their ten year celebration and went down yesterday, August 31st 2018 at the Lugogo Cricket Oval