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Elephants continue invading local villages in Uganda

Reported by Isaac

Locals in Dufile Sub County, Moyo district are in fear following last night’s invasion of the area by elephants.
The elephants reportedly invaded two villages of Ramongi and Paonya.
Mr. Moris Vuzi Nyidanyi, the LCIII chairperson confirmed the invasion of the elephants.
He however said the elephants were scared and sent away by the rangers minus causing damages unlike previous attacks where acres of plantations and huts are destroyed.
Mr. Nyidanyi now terms the incursion as normal incident after crying to the government for intervention in vain.
Mr. Anyama Williams, the LCV chairperson Moyo district while speaking to Whisper Eye this Morning from Arua district, said he did not receive formal report about the incident by press time.
However he equally said several requests have been put to the central government of Uganda to restrain the wild animals but less is being done.
He revealed requesting for local recruitment to boost the number of the rangers but only a motorcycle has been provided to aid easy movement of the few rangers.
The elephants roaming Dufile Sub County emanates from Nimule National Park, South Sudandue to the proximity of the two places.
According to available data, Nimule National Park was established under British rule in 1954, and the park extends 540km2 along the border with Uganda, with wildlife moving freely back and forth, and straddles the White Nile River.
Locals along the Nile River have also encountered numerousattacks by Hippopotamus.
About 4months ago, three people drowned after their boat was hit by Hippopotamus at Sinyanya Lading site in Obongi County.