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President Museveni convoy gets accident

President Yoweri Museveni’s convoy was involved in an accident at Fairway Junction, Kampala, on Wednesday night.

The incident, which involved one of President Museveni’s lead cars and a private car, occurred at about 8:50pm.

An eye witness says the driver of a Mercedes Benz UAM 446Y failed to get of the way of the presidential convoy quickly enough.

One of the president’s vehicles clipped the front of the Mercedes Benz.

The front of the Benz crumpled up.

The driver of the Benz was alone in the car at the time of the accident.

While the presidential convoy sped on, members of the presidential guard briefly stopped to question the startled driver of the car.

Section 123 of Traffic and Road Safety Act, 1998 gives the right of way to emergency vehicles.

Emergency motor vehicle means “a motor vehicle, trailer or engineering plant for the purpose of the police, ambulances, motor vehicles of armed forces and such other vehicles that may be designated by the minister by a statutory order”.

The president’s convoy falls under the category of emergency vehicles and has right of way.

Police and Special Forces Command (SFC) have so far declined to comment on the incident