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Who is Uganda young entrepreneur Luzindana Adam Buyinza

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Ambassador of International Police Commission (Uganda Command).

He is the Team Leader/CEO-Public Opinions International (East Africa)

He is the Ambassador to Uganda-International Police Commission (Uganda Mission) which is based in India, and Sacramento City capital of California The United State of America. International Police Commission is in consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council New york USA.

He is a Council Member- International Organization for Educational Development (India)

He is the Executive Secretary of the Asia Africa Development Council operating from Russia, China, India, north Korea, Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc. He was recently appointed to the position.

He is the Africa Coordinator-US Free Parliamentary Party

He is a Founder Member of The India-Africa ICT Knowledge Consortium based in New Delhi Republic of India

He is a Minister for International Cooperation and Development –USA Free Parliamentary Party (California USA)

Luzindana Adam is an ardent Human Rights Defender and promoter through the organization he founded called Public Opinions International.

Mr Adam Buyinza house and cars in Kayunga

Luzindana Adam Buyinza is the Managing Director-Buyinza Group Limited a company involved in General Trading, Wealth Management, Property Acquisitions, Cereal Products, Property Marketing, Imports and Export, Investment and Tourism Promotion, etc.He is involved in processing, parking and distribution of Buyinza Natural Drink a medicinal drink made from leaves, flowers, roots and stems and helpful in boosting the body, and general treatment. He is the producer of Buyinza Peanut Paste and Buyinza Coffee Juice.

He was a member of the National Executive Council (NEC) of the ruling National Resistance Movement Party in Uganda where he was serving as the elected National Vice Chairman in Charge of Kampala Region of the Youth League of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) from 2011-2015.

He was born on 7th July 1982 in Kayunga District central part of Uganda 50 Kms from kampala capital city in a predominantly poor family to a poor mother and father Nakibuka Jaliat and Rwabizi Sowedi respectively. Because his parents failed to raise his school fees due to absolute poverty, he left his home village and went to kampala city where he lived on streets and slums working in Naksero Market as a basket porter for people who used to buy food stuffs in the market. He indeed worked in almost all parts of Kampala in different odd jobs in his arduous struggle to get school fees for his Education. With God, he managed to pay his fees up to university. Thank God.

He attended Ndeeba Primary School in Kayunga District for Uganda Primary Leaving Examination (PLE 1994),Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) in 1998 at Ndeeba Senior Secondary School in Kayunga District, Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) at Kololo Senior Secondary School in Kampala city in 2000, and in 2001 joined Makerere University Kampala for a Bachelor of Secretarial Studies.

He has been able to establish Regional, Continental and International Network of people of different status

Luzindana Adam Buyinza is a Young Business man, Philanthropist, Human Rights Promoter and International Peace and Development Activist.

For Business, Invitations, you can Contact Luzindana Adam

P.O Box 35297 Kampala Uganda
Email: admin@pubopinionsDOTorg