Uganda police arrests poacher with 123 hippo teeth worth US$9900. - Whisper Eye

Uganda police arrests poacher with 123 hippo teeth worth US$9900.

When it comes to the global wildlife trade,Uganda conservationists have a long list of things to be worried about. They might need to add hippos to the top of that list.

Flying Squad Unit in its continuous engagements to fight the underground Hippo Teeth trade,has arrested Ocillo Sadick a resident of Oyam District on allegations of being in possession of Protected Species under Subsection 30 &75(b) of Uganda Wildlife Act and Conspiracy to commit a felony under Section 390 of the Penal Code Act.

Sadik arrived on a motorbike with the contraband concealed inside a nylon sack laden with 122 pieces of hippopotamus teeth worth US$9,900.These were taken from as many as 20 illegally killed hippos. Flying Squad team swung in and effected the arrest.

According to Flying Squad Commander ACP. Herbert Muhangi, these men sell the contraband to agents of international buyers and most of these teeth are normally destined for Asia, where hippo teeth are carved into ornaments,jewellery and inlaid ivory knife handles.

“The key kingpins in this illegal trade have not always been arrested because this is more of a chain yet these hippo teeth from Uganda are feeding Asia’s ivory markets”, Muhangi said.

Source: KMP