US President Donald Trump suffering from malignant narcissism-Kaweesa Keefa - Whisper Eye

US President Donald Trump suffering from malignant narcissism-Kaweesa Keefa

In my article published online with this paper on 17th October 2017, I submitted that the US President Donald Trump was either, genius, smart, deranged or dense. The article outlined that Donald Trump, the President of United States is being considered unstable and increasingly dangerous but not certainly dense.

This is according to leading psychologists, who are stepping forward to warn Americans of his escalating threatening behavior.

PAC an organization of psychologists who believe Trump has a personality disorder called malignant narcissism are warning people about a perceived increase in his volatility and unpredictability in his performance as president.

 James Gillian a licensed psychologist of 25 years analyzed Trump’s statements for indications of danger in a book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, a book with 27 expert psychiatrists analyzing the president’s behavior.

Licensed psychologists will gather at a “Duty to Warn” event Saturday to precaution Americans about the mental state of President Donald. Gillian has analyzed quotes from Trump spanning campaign calls for Hillary Clinton to be imprisoned or assassinated to more recent threats of nuclear action against North Korea.

“I know more about the psychological side of violence than almost anyone in our society” Gillian told whisper eye media team

“When I say Trump is dangerous, the only question is, is that an understatement?”

President Trump recent derogatory and deeming statement about African states is additional evidence that the world is dealing with almost a deranged person.

John Gardener a psychotherapist who taught psychiatric at John Hopkins University medical school confirms that licensed psychologists used ‘concrete, observable traits to determine that Donald Trump has a “pervasive pattern” of exploiting and violating the rights of others

The traits of malignant narcissism were coined by a German psychotherapist, Erich Fromm who escaped Nazi Germany and developed the diagnosis to explain leaders who rose to power in world war 11.

“It was his attempt to explain Hitler, Stalin and sadistic megalomania cal dictators like them.

“When malignant narcissist gain power, they become flagrantly worse”

Gardener claims that the patterns of behavior include bragging, paranoia, conspiracy theories, demonization of those who oppose him, lying exploitation and bullying but he rejects the theory that Trump presents a public persona or uses the tactics for calculated political strategy.

Whisper ye media team has confirmed that the “Goldwater Rule” cast taboo on psychologists providing a diagnosis for public figures they have never met personally  and the psychologists are likely to be sued.