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Speke hotel rock bar revamped with different themes every day

The  Rock Bar has gained a reputation as a contemporary, technology-friendly bar at Speke Hotel for the modern traveller, particularly for those on business in Kampala location making it especially convenient for such guests.

The Speke Hotel Bar known as rock Bar  has just been revamped with its metallic touches, “falling water” chandelier, hand-carved palm-wood bar, low-level lounge seating and good customer friendly  management adding up to a sophisticated vibe.

The Bar is located on Kampala Nile avenue providing a wonderful chilling spot. Its Customers are not only excited about its new look but also it has put up discounts on prices of their new theme.

The new theme seen by whisper eye  at rock bar  include live Monday artiste performance , Tuesday comedy nights, Wednesday ladies nights ,Thursday afrobeats, Friday corporate night ,Saturday variety night and Sunday sundown .

The bar also plans to hold a big event every 3 months , amedium event every month and mid – month an event shall be held for its customers.

According to our reporters The bar which has been renovated to a flashy look with all the prostitutes that used the advantage to hide around its fence have been chased away after complains from  its customers.

The kind of this new  experience will see ugandans enjoy new experience in nights out in Kampala