Baganda keeping president Museveni in power- Adam Buyinza Luzindana - Whisper Eye

Baganda keeping president Museveni in power- Adam Buyinza Luzindana

Kampala is no longer dominated by Baganda , Baganda now suffer in villages and in middle east and majority of basama are Baganda who sold their parents land to go abroad.

Through out Christmas Holiday,, Kampala as been clean, orderly and with few people.

In Christmas Holiday only baganda remained in Kampala.

If election was organised in that period M7 would get 80% in Kampala.

president Yoweri Museveni  is supported by baganda.

M7 perform so well in other districts of buganda but perform poorly in Kampala bse majority voters in kla are not baganda.

Majority people in Kampala are banyankore,basoga,bateso,banyoro,batoro,etc and majority of them low income earners.. They don’t support M7 but they are the biggest percentage.

That is why towards Christmas u see millions of them going back to their villages and leave baganda in Kampala.

By tomorrow Kampala will be full of people from Ankole, kigezi, toro,busoga,teso,acholi,bugisu,bunyoro,etc.

And if election is organised Next Week in kla M7 will miserably loose in kla.

But if election is organised btn 24th to 30th December when these Kampala villagers are back in villages, M7 will loose in villages.

If u are told to mention top people opposing M7,majority are from western uganda not buganda.

Let us think.

The writer is a businessman based in Kampala