Hon Dr Lulume Bayiga severely beaten by police in Buikwe - Whisper Eye

Hon Dr Lulume Bayiga severely beaten by police in Buikwe

Dr Bayiga Micheal Lulume the former Member of Parliament  Buikwe South was on Saturday severally arrested and beaten by police  in Ngogwe , Buikwe District.

Its believed before his arrest the former legislator was  freely treating residents of Ngogwe in a medical camp setup by rotary club international.

The manner of his arrested was condemned by his supporters and Mukono Mp Betty Nambooze , police tortured him to near death how would you beat him up as if you are  arresting a chicken thief , one resident was heard telling police.

Mp Bayiga being arrested

According to police the Democratic Party(DP) senior member Dr Lulume had a pending police case of staging  unlawful assembly over a month ago in buikwe and he had defiled a police directive to appear and record a statement over his actions.

Its believed the Medical  Doctor is still held at Lugazi police station were he has spent the entire weekend pending Police next move, his supporters had gathered calling for his release.

Mp Nambooze condemned the manner of Bayiga’s arrest which she thinks was after injuring the doctor, she claims this is a ploy by the government to hurt opposition politicians.