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Youth arrested in western Uganda over age limit protest

The Uganda Police in western Uganda, Ntungamo District on thursday morning arrested youth who were protesting  against the Uganda government ploy to amend the constitution of uganda to enable president Museveni stand for presidency in 2021 elections.

The number of youth who were arrested  police say did not notify  police about their intention to protest.

According to the police in Ntungamo  Oroch Benjamin the meeting was unlawful since the organizers did not abide by law under  the Order Management Act.

The youth arrested who were picked from Trek Savannah Hotel Ntungamo include Edward Natamba,Bamutonda John and another name withheld

They had  mobilized hunderds of  youth dressed in yellow and white T-shirts labeled AGE-LIMIT-IS THE LIMIT  protesting their dissatisfaction with the NRM member of parliament who have carried on there motive to change the constitution which caused afight in the national parliament.

The police officers commanded by Oroch surrounded the Trek Savannah Hotel  there place of meeting and had number of them arrested together with their leaders.

Uganda has so far never had peaceful transfer of power since independence.

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