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Uganda parliament set on fire over Article 102(b)

Uganda opposition leaders tied red ribbons around  their fore heads as they sung the Uganda National anthem.

They protested against efforts to introduce a Bill to remove the presidential age limit of 75 years in the Uganda constitution.

The out spoken opposition leader, Kira Municipality MP Ibrahim Ssemujju said it was a symbol that we are ready to die, we will  block the tabling of the motion in Parliament at all costs.

The Deputy speaker of parliament Jacob Oulanyah prematurely adjourned the house after  MPs said they had been intimidated by security, heavy guns, arrests of their leaders  and their homes had been surrounded by army tanks.

leader of opposition addresses Ugandan parliament yesterday

”We are ready to die,the issue is not the large numbers of NRM Mps in parliament who can pass the vote.

We are ready to be martyred and determined to block the bill, said the heated ”Munyagwa Mubarak, Mp Kawempe south.

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