Don't try me!!!! Zari Hassan finally speaks out on Diamond's infidelity. - Whisper Eye

Don’t try me!!!! Zari Hassan finally speaks out on Diamond’s infidelity.

Early this week,Diamond Platinum confessed during alive interview which was aired on Tanzania’s cloud FM that he had an affair with Hamisa Mobetto and that he had told Zari about it before.

After admitting, he went on and gave names to his son with Mobetto since all the time he was hiding from her.

The interview  was aired on 19th of September.

Following the shocking revolution,Zari has threatened to sue the singer for defamation because of the lies his telling the public about her knowing his side chic Hamisa.

Diamond admits that he has an affair with Hamisa Mobetto

Her response on social media platforms seemed false and new to her.Ugandan city socialite Zari Hassan accepted and showed off a ”new man” putting a side Diamond’s drama and Hamisa not to stress her.

She says she will pay no attention to this matter any further because she has an image in the corporate world.

”Fix your mess with lies”,Zari Hassan said her being quiet doesn’t mean shes’ stupid but just keeping respect because she’s the mother of his kids.

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