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Uganda Member of Parliament fist fight at Parliament

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Uganda parliament today turned into a boxing ring when some members exchanged blows outside the premises.

Honorable Abiriga representing Arua municipality country tussled it out with Honorable Atiku Bernard of Ayivu County.

Abiriga  an NRM die hard and one of the principal movers of the controversial age limit Bill was beaten.

Atiku belongs to the opposition FDC and does not support the amendment of Art 102 (b) to allow President Museveni to stand after clocking 75 years.

The battle ensued outside parliament after a protracted argument between the members of parliament inside  parliament which was carried outside the building.

The whisper eye media team established that Hon Abiriga after being floored down was helped with a glass of water to revive his lost energy.

This is the second time a member of parliament supporting the amendment of the constitution has been publically and physically attacked over the age limit issue.

A police officer looks on as Uganda Mps fight

The first was in Mubende when Hon Nsubuga M.P for Kasanda south constituency was almost strangled to death by a journalist known as Ntege Kyuma kta  yesu for supporting the constitution amendment.

Ntege kyuma kya yesu was detained for  a period of four weeks and  is currently on court bail.

The whisper eye media in Kampala  could not establish whether Honourable Abiriga was hospitalised but he was rushed at a near by  clinic after suffering  high blood pressure .

However opposition politicians  cheered on there fellow Bernard for being brave.

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