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Open letter to minister Eng Azuba Ntege on a collapsed bridge in Mubende

With great pleasure, I wish to join the thousands of Ugandans specifically from the greater Mubende district to congratulate you once more on your appointment as the Honourable Minister of Works and Transport of the republic of Uganda.

I am also compelled to believe that those good works you left behind which till now are being celebrated by Ugandans, must have prompted the president to entrust you with this ministry.

My name is Nakazibwe Fatinah, a trader in Mubende, trading in agricultural produce in Bukuya town specifically and a permanent resident of Muwumuza village, Bulinimula Parish, Kittumbi Sub County in Mubende District proposed new Kassanda District for over ten (10) years now, I believe I can confidently speak with some degree of facts in this matter.

Mubende residents stranded at a collapsed bridge which is having a big impact on the transport activities in the area

Madam Minister, this letter has to do with one of the institutions of your Ministry charged with among other functions, maintenance and repair of roads.

Though I stand to be corrected through the services of the Uganda National Road Authority (UNRA). I wish to bring to your notice Madam, that the Kitumbi River that for long burst its banks is located along the Myanzi – Kiboga road, and it is under the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA).

The over 70 km road stretches from Myanzi trading canter on Mubende highway, through Kassanda town, Bukuya town up to Kiboga.

This bridge has been and is still a major concern for quite a long time now.

It is quite unfortunate that most government officials of this present administration have not travelled on this road of recent to assess the level of damage and abandonment this road has suffered.

Sadly still, I cannot ascertain why the ministry and its functionaries are paying deaf ears to the plights of the people using this particular road despite the numerous notifications to the various responsible agencies.

Madam Minister, I wish to duly inform you that these two bridges have become a danger­ous zone to so many people plying on them, be it day or night.

Many drivers and passengers have been killed, robbed, raped and maimed by hoodlums who are now taking advantage of these bridges because of their bad state.

Residents walk through a collapsed bridge

Extortions from business men, farmers, school children and even villagers are all on the increase. Drivers who have taken to the village routes as the alternative route are not spared from extortions and as a result farmers’ produce are purchased at a low price as because the biggest percentage of the people in the sub county of Bukuya, Kitumbi and Makokoto are farmers and traders dealing in agriculture produce, which they sell to the town of Mityana, Kiboga, Kampala and Mubende.

The suffering of the people using this particular road is quite unbearable for many years now and need to be alleviated now and forever.

At one point in time I was compelled to mobilise fellow residents under the guidance of our local administration to temporarily reconstruct the Bule Bridge as life proved to be suffocating.

Several trucks, trailers, tank­ers and heavy equipment vehi­cles have had their sagas of this bad road in an attempt to ply the road. Goods worth millions of shillings have been destroyed as a result of fallen trucks, tankers and trail­ers in an attempt to pass the road.

One may be tempted to ask whether the loss experienced as a result of this bad road is worth the risk. Hence, many investors and business gurus have had to reconsider their plan of doing business in this part of the country.

Come to think of it, the usual transport fare from Bukuya to Bulinimula ranges from Ugshs 6000 to 8000 but has sky rocketed to Ugshs 15000.

This is another area of concern for the people plying this road.

The fare has to increase be­cause the Boda Boda cyclists have much to set­tle as a price for using the alterna­tive routes.

Infarct, the litany of woes the us­ers of this particular Bule and Nakabiso bridges are passing through are uncountable; they are better imagined than experienced.

Could it be that the lack of culture of maintenance must have contributed to the present state of this road? Well, one’s guess is as good as mine.

To this end Madam minister, I wish to submit that, you use your good office as the Minister of Works and transport to consider the reconstruction and maintenance of Nakabiso and Bule bridges on river Kittumbi, located in Kittumbi Sub county in Mubende district (proposed new Kassanda district) in order to alleviate the suffering of the people  crossing  this river, a further delay in working on it will hamper the smooth growth of economic activities in these areas as many investors would not afford to risk their businesses over this bad road.

Madam minister, I wish to conclude this letter by soliciting that you send a delegation to assess the level of damage and abandon­ment the road has been subjected to which will also enable you to swing into action immediately.

I am optimistic that when the road is fixed, it will go a long way to alleviate the suffering those using this road are passing through as well as attract investors to these areas to further development.

Nakazibwe Fatinah  author of the open letter


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