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Sironko Landslides; 10 Killed ,9 Bodies Missing


Landslides caused by heavy rains have destroyed a number of villages in the mountainous district of Sironko, killing ten  people according to village officials. Of the dead officials say, only 1 body has been retrieved. The other 9 are trapped beneath the mud.

Mr Francis Namoso ,Lc 1 chairperson said the incident left residents dead, plantations , homesteads and livestock destroyed.

He identified the retrieved body as that of Topista Nakayenze, 40 years, who has left eight children behind. The missing people are identified as Oliver Nabuzale, 53 and her son Mike Gizamba, 15. Others are Akimu Fungo,12 a pupil of Sironko Parents Primary School; Edrick Wandeya, 10; Jane Namono,7 ; Edrin Wanyera, 5,Otim Alex 13 and  Aisu Jacob 31.

Namoso said there is no hope of retrieving the missing bodies since the area is not accessible.

“We are still waiting for assistance from government authorities to help retrieve the missing bodies. But for us we are short of help .He appealed to all authorities for help”.

Villages as Namagoye, Lusabe and Lusalanje in Bufumpa parish, Masaba Sub-county, suffered most.

Mr Polikapu Musoli ,65 who lost his 10-year-old son in the Monday evening landslides said the government has made empty promises of relocating them for the last 15 years but nothing has been done.

However, the Sironko Assistant Chief Administrative officer, Mr Robert Nambadi said they had sounded the warning earlier.

We knew about this landslide and warned people to vacate  the place but they didn’t take it as a serious issue. Nambadi called for more help from the government.


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