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Comey transcript released: Ex-FBI boss claims not to know, remember key details

Former FBI Director James Comey claimed “I don’t know” or “I don’t remember” in response to dozens of questions concerning key details in the Russia probe, according to a lengthy transcript released Saturday of his closed-door interview with congressional lawmakers.

Sen. Angus King: Not enough evidence against Trump yet for impeachment

  Maine independent Sen. Angus King cautioned Democrats in Congress Sunday that there’s not enough public evidence at this point to impeach President Donald Trump without the issue devolving into partisan warfare.

“I don’t think that there’s evidence yet available to the public where there would be more or less a consensus that this is an appropriate path,” King said in an appearance on “Meet the Press.”

Trump chief of staff John Kelly to leave White House job

President Donald Trump has announced that hischief of staff John Kelly will leave his job by the end of the year.

There have been persistent reports for several days that Mr Kelly was under pressure to go.

Some reports said that the retired Marine Corps general’s relationship with Mr Trump had deteriorated.

Trump ex-lawyer Michael Cohen’s help with Russia probe revealed

President Donald Trump’s ex-lawyer has given substantial help on how Russian nationals tried to affect the 2016 election, a legal memo has revealed.

Michael Cohen’s help is detailed in the memo from Robert Mueller, who is heading the probe into alleged Russian collusion with the Trump team.

The memo is mainly to guide sentencing for crimes Cohen has admitted.

How Trump feud with ‘dumb as a rock’ Tillerson erupted

On Thursday night, former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in a rare public appearance that he had to repeatedly tell Donald Trump that some of the things the president wanted to do were impossible because they were against the law or violated a treaty.

“I’d say here’s what we can do,” the former Exxon CEO said in a Houston speech. “We can go back to Congress and get this law changed. And if that’s what you want to do, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Syria war: US and UK say alleged rebel chemical attack ‘fabricated’

The US and the UK have accused the Syrian government and its Russian allies of fabricating a story accusing rebel fighters of a chemical attack.

The US state department said the purpose was to “undermine confidence” in the ceasefire in Idlib province.

Syria and Russia said shells carrying chlorine gas injured about 100 people in the government-held city of Aleppo last month.

Trump picks Heather Nauert as new US envoy to UN

US President Donald Trump has picked state department spokeswoman Heather Nauert to be America’s new UN ambassador.

The president also nominated William Barr as the new attorney general.

Ms Nauert, a former Fox News presenter, was made state department spokeswoman in April 2017, her first government position.

William Barr nominated by Donald Trump to be US attorney general

President Donald Trump has nominated William Barr to be the new attorney general, a post he held in the 1990s.

By replacing Jeff Sessions, who was fired by Mr Trump last month, the 68-year-old will take charge of the investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 US election.

US media report he has been critical of some aspects of that inquiry.

Ohio dad makes girl walk miles to school for bullying on bus

An Ohio father who made his daughter walk five miles (8km) to school as punishment for bullying has provoked a debate on parenting.

After 10-year-old Kirsten was suspended for three days from the school bus for a second-time bullying offence, Matt Cox decided to teach her a life lesson.

He made her walk to school on a cold day while he followed behind in a car.

Rescue mission in Japan after ‘mishap’ involving two Marine aircraft

A search and rescue operation is under way in Japan after an incident involving two US Marine Corps aircraft.

The planes involved are a KC-130 and an F/A-18 based at Iwakuni near Hiroshima and were carrying seven personnel, Marines officials said.

One survivor has been rescued by Japanese search teams but the six others remain missing.

US reopens diplomatic mission in Somalia after 28-year closure

The US has established its first diplomatic presence in Somalia for nearly 30 years.

The state department said the “historic event” reflected the progress the east African nation had made.

Ambassador Donald Yamamoto is heading the embassy in Mogadishu. Previously it had been based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Carla Stefaniak: Father confirms US tourist’s death in Costa Rica

The father of missing US tourist Carla Stefaniak has confirmed that a body found near a Costa Rica Airbnb is that of his daughter.

Her family confirmed the identification in a Facebook post, saying words could not express their devastation.

Ms Stefaniak disappeared on 28 November during a trip to celebrate her 36th birthday.

Russia will build missiles if US leaves treaty, Putin warns

Russia will develop missiles banned under a Cold War agreement if the US exits the pact, President Vladimir Putin has warned.

His comments follow Nato’s accusation on Tuesday that Russia has already broken the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.

USA assistance has helped to transform Uganda – Luzindana Adam Buyinza

The United States of America in financial year 2018-2019 gave NRM/M7 Government Assistance (not Loans) worth 970 million USD and for the last 30 years USA has been giving huge sums of money in form of Assistance to Uganda.The current trend if democracy we see in Uganda is not as a result of the will of President Museveni but because of the commitment of the USA government to engage African leaders progressively to appreciate the importance of good governance and democracy in social-economic transformation of Africa.

Khashoggi murder: CIA chief Haspel ‘to brief Congress’

The head of the CIA will now brief Congress on Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, US media say.

Gina Haspel is reportedly talk to Senate leaders leaders on Tuesday.

She was absent from last week’s briefing by the secretaries of state and defence, angering some in Congress.

George HW Bush’s service dog Sully pays touching last tribute

The golden labrador who worked as a service dog for President George HW Bush has been pictured resting beside his coffin, in a moving tribute.

Mr Bush, who served as the 41st US president between 1989 and 1993, died late on Friday at the age of 94.

Sully the dog will be travelling with the casket on the flight from Texas to Washington DC on Monday.