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The story about Uganda’s Airbus is purely unpatriotic – Sam Evidence (NRM youth)

The President of Uganda in one of the recent addresses to the nation , talked about the Daily Monitor publishing false stories or what he called fake news. I remember very well the President saying “That pepper which is owned by Aga Khan”

Twelve Russians charged with US 2016 election hack

The US Department of Justice has charged 12 Russian intelligence officers with hacking Democratic officials in the 2016 US elections.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said the dozen accused

Fake news: The media industry strikes back

The viral spread of hoaxes and misinformation ahead of the US election and Brexit referendum two years ago was a wake-up call for many established news media, who have gone on

Israel plans to launch moon mission on SpaceX rocket this year

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Three countries have landed missions on the moon: the US, Russia and  China Israel hopes to be the fourth when it launches a spacecraft this December with an assist from a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

Cave rescue: Four plus Four more boys rescued by Thai Navy divers

Divers have rescued four more boys from a vast cave system in northern Thailand on the second day of a complex operation.

The Thai Navy Seals leading the rescue operation have confirmed

Japan floods: At least 100 dead in record rainfall

At least 100 people are thought to have died after record rainfall caused flooding and landslides in western Japan, a government spokesman says.

Mission to rescue boys trapped in Thailand cave has begun

A team of divers on Sunday began a rescue operation to try and save 12 boys on a soccer team and their coach from the Thailand cave where they have been trapped for two weeks

Battle for Social media survival : Uganda Bans VPNs To Prevent Users From Dodging Media Tax

Countries around the world continue to wage their not  so subtle war on the use of virtual private networks (VPNs) and encryption.

In Russia, the government has all but banned the use of VPNs by layering all

Society bitter with President Museveni rumor tax on social media

People have gone to Twitter to complain about the imposition of a 200 Uganda shilling [$0.05, £0.04] tax on the use of social media.

Some have also used Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to get around paying.

Uganda blacks out: Former presidential aspirant Amama Mbabazi sighted in beating social media tax

As the infamous social media tax starts to bite, wise Ugandans have already devised means of how to survive in this ‘harsh condition’.

The social media tax which came into effect at midnight, July 1, 2018

Kenya’s first satellite set for launch into space on Friday

Kenya’s first satellite, which was built by the University of Nairobi, will be deployed into the space on Friday this week at about 1pm.

The event will be broadcast live on KBC.

Israel aborts plan to deport illegal Africa migrants

Israel has scrapped a plan to forcibly deport tens of thousands of illegal African migrants.

In a written response to the country’s Supreme Court, the government said