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FDC youth creates VPN app to counter gov’t OTT tax

Willingtone Nsubuga a youth affiliated to the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) political party has developed a secure tunnel for encrypted communication for Smartphone devices. This technology allows end-to-end encrypted communication among parties – making it impossible for Uganda government censorship. 

Bill Gates says you need these three things to get rich

the world’s richest man has offered some career advice for wannabe billionaires.

Bill Gates — the founder of Microsoft — has predicted which three skills will be in high demand in the job market of the future.

Uganda deports two MTN expatriates over compromising security

Two employees of telecom company MTN Uganda, have been arrested and deported over allegations compromising the country’s national security.
Deputy police spokesperson Ms Polly Namaye identified the suspects as Olivier Prentout, a French national and Annie Tabura, a Rwandan.

Was The Facebook ’10 Year Challenge’ A Way To Mine Data For Facial Recognition AI?

By Nicole Martin

AI & Big DataI write about technology, data and privacy.

Last week a new Facebook challenge went viral asking users to post a photo from 10 years ago and one from today captioning “how did aging effect you?” Now being called the “10-Year Challenge.” Over 5.2 million, including many celebrities, participating in this challenge. It follows closely after the “Bird Box Challenge” and the “Top Nine Photos of the Year Challenge” but this one has caused quite a stir and some concern from users.

Speculation arose about the motive behind this viral challenge and had users questioning if this was a ploy by Facebook to use for facial recognition data. Kate O’Neill, a writer for Wired, wrote an op-ed exploring the possibility that this was more than just a fun challenge to share with friends.

Whisper Eye IT expert scores aggregate 8 in PLE

Carreti Media group a parent company of whisper eye has been boosted after one of its young talent and IT experts Jack Aaron scored aggregate 8 in Uganda Primary Leaving Examination at Global Junior School in Mukono district.

The delighted young man who has picked passion for designing websites and programming when he was 7 years old his delighted to pursue further education and become a graduate in science and technology.

Alaska earthquake: Anchorage rocked by aftershocks

A major 7.0 magnitude earthquake has struck Alaska, causing people to run from buildings and briefly prompting a tsunami alert for coastal areas.

It’s finally here; the massive disruption brewing over Uganda’s tech landscape

KAMPALA, UGANDA – Monday November 19th 2018

IT’S HERE. The coolest customer app we have so far seen in Uganda was launched without much fanfare. It has been growing in stealth mode for the last quarter of 2018 and even more impressive has in that time quietly begun operations in Kenya as well. They popped up on our radar after they began posting their activities allover twitter, instagram and facebook and we decided to check them out.
The application has sixteen categories and users can access different service providers listed in these categories.

The richest people in the World as of 2018

The Richest People in the World


The richest people in the world have a staggering amount of wealth — comparable to the GDP of small countries for some. Many of the world’s richest, like Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos or Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg

Multi million F-35 fighter jet suffers first crash

The US military has suffered the first crash in its hugely expensive F-35 fighter jet program me.

A F-35B jet came down in South Carolina, the Marine Corps said.

50 dead in Indonesia 7.5 earthquake

Almost 50 people have been confirmed dead after a strong tsunami triggered by a magnitude 7.5 earthquake hit a coastal Indonesian city on Friday

Uganda for Nuclear enegry development

Uganda is pushing for the development of nuclear energy to supplement the energy needs of the country.

During the ongoing world atomic energy conference in Viena, Austria, engineer Simon Giu D’Ujanga, State minister for energy said Uganda is prepared to start the development of the nuclear energy as the country gears for industrialization.

President Trump declares Carolina a disaster area after 12 deaths

US east coast communities face “epic amounts of rainfall” from tropical storm Florence, which has been linked to at least 12 deaths.

Kerala floods: Rescue efforts step up as rains begin to ease

Rescue efforts are being stepped up in the flood-hit Indian state of Kerala, where monsoon rains have eased for now.

The India Meteorological Department has removed a red weather alert

The story about Uganda’s Airbus is purely unpatriotic – Sam Evidence (NRM youth)

The President of Uganda in one of the recent addresses to the nation , talked about the Daily Monitor publishing false stories or what he called fake news. I remember very well the President saying “That pepper which is owned by Aga Khan”

Twelve Russians charged with US 2016 election hack

The US Department of Justice has charged 12 Russian intelligence officers with hacking Democratic officials in the 2016 US elections.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said the dozen accused

Fake news: The media industry strikes back

The viral spread of hoaxes and misinformation ahead of the US election and Brexit referendum two years ago was a wake-up call for many established news media, who have gone on