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Men own 95% , Women 5% of land in Lango region

In scathing findings, it has been discovered that whereas Uganda depends heavily on Agriculture and Conservation of Agriculture is based on three key principals: minimum soil disturbance, maintaining of soil cover through mulching and practicing crop rotation, very few people are practicing this concept

Multi million F-35 fighter jet suffers first crash

The US military has suffered the first crash in its hugely expensive F-35 fighter jet program me.

A F-35B jet came down in South Carolina, the Marine Corps said.

50 dead in Indonesia 7.5 earthquake

Almost 50 people have been confirmed dead after a strong tsunami triggered by a magnitude 7.5 earthquake hit a coastal Indonesian city on Friday

Rare double-headed snake found in garden in Virginia

Scientists hope to find a new home for a rare copperhead snake found in Virginia.

The double-headed creature was discovered in a garden and is unlikely to survive in the wild.

President Trump declares Carolina a disaster area after 12 deaths

US east coast communities face “epic amounts of rainfall” from tropical storm Florence, which has been linked to at least 12 deaths.

Hurricane Florence: Life-threatening storm lands in North Carolina

Hurricane Florence is ravaging the US East Coast, knocking out power to half a million homes, causing buildings to crumble and stranding residents.

French claim Russia tried to spy on satellite in space

The French defense minister says a Russian spy satellite got close to a Franco-Italian satellite last year and tried to intercept its transmissions.

Mexico students develop electric shock self-defense coat

Four students in Mexico have developed a jacket they say could protect those wearing it from attacks.

Once armed, the sleeves of the coat can emit an electric shock

Rakai farmers want UWA to compensate plantations ravaged by stray Hippos

By Davis Buyondo

Rakai – More than 500 farmers in Rakai district have decried the increasing hippo invasions and destruction of several acres of food plantations.

US claim North Korea working on new missiles

North Korea appears to be building new ballistic missiles despite recent warming ties with the Trump administration, media reports say.

Social media can make or break a person -Museveni

The Internet represents a communications revolution.

It makes instantaneous global communication available cheaply to anyone with a computer and an Internet connection the Internet is also potentially a medium of virtually limitless

Israel plans to launch moon mission on SpaceX rocket this year

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Three countries have landed missions on the moon: the US, Russia and  China Israel hopes to be the fourth when it launches a spacecraft this December with an assist from a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.