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Behold: Dr Julias Nyerere is a philosopher and a Saint, Museveni is just a philosopher just-kaweesa keefa

A Philosopher is a person who seeks wisdom or enlightenment, a scholar a thinker

He is a person, whose philosophical perspective makes

Rwanda based Sarah Mbabazi perfects Radio’s katonda tambula nange

Sarah Mbabazi psycho guitar another musical version creates strange sense of compassion.

Mose Radio (RIP) music for Uganda’ s make in which Sarah Mbabazi  plays brilliantly the lethally charismatic  touch.

Kenya lobbying UN for immunity from legal proceedings

Kenya is calling on the United Nations’ judicial body to issue an opinion on whether national leaders should get immunity in international legal proceedings.

President Museveni scoops peace award

President Museveni has been awarded with the Global Peace Initiative accolade for his efforts to ensure peace in East Africa, Great Lakes region and Africa as a continent.

South Sudan : Agreement on Outstanding Issues of Governance (25/07/2018)

Agreement on Outstanding Issues of Governance 25th July 2018 as seen by whisper eye media team

Mindful of our commitment under the Transitional Constitution

Sudan says signing ceremony of governance agreement next Thursday, Juba confirms

Sudan’s foreign ministry Sunday announced that the signing ceremony for the agreement on the outstanding issue of governance chapter will take place in Khartoum next Thursday

New rebels declare war on Rwanda’s government

A new rebel Movement has claimed responsibility for the recent wave of attacks in Rwanda and announced its intentions to topple the government of President Paul Kagame by force of arms.

Full Text: New South Sudan power sharing proposal

The Sudanese government on Tuesday unveiled a new power sharing peace plan that is, mostly, similar to the recently unveiled Entebbe proposal presented last week by the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and the Sudanese President Omar Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir

One to watch new female Musician Mbabazi a favourite choice

We have had such a great year for new music in Uganda , East Africa and Africa whether it was releases by established artists or exciting fresh talent.

Battle for Social media survival : Uganda Bans VPNs To Prevent Users From Dodging Media Tax

Countries around the world continue to wage their not  so subtle war on the use of virtual private networks (VPNs) and encryption.

In Russia, the government has all but banned the use of VPNs by layering all

Rwanda questions terrorism groups planning to destabilize Kigali

Rwanda has questioned the continued arrest of its citizens in Uganda and raised claims about what it calls “terrorism groups” planning to destabilize Kigali.

East African Countries buy military hardware as social services stagnate

Military expenditure in the region continued to drop last year, with South Sudan cutting back its spending by more than 50 per cent, as its economy struggled from the effects of the prolonged political crisis.