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National Organisation of Trade Unions (NOT)U needs principles to effect principles- Akhenda Ocheno Emmanuel

For starters, The National Organization of Trade Unions is labour Organization that Promotes and Defend 

Worker’s Interest established by Decree No.29 0f 1973.It is currently the biggest labour Centre in Uganda 

with over 25 labour union affiliations representing thousands and millions of workers in Uganda by working 

Ugandans Working abroad; What does the law say ? – City Lawyers Platform

Due to the high rate of unemployment and underemployment in Uganda, many Ugandans have have sought and are seeking employment opportunities outside Uganda. However, most of them have faced and are facing challenges while seeking employed abroad especially in middle east countries and the gulf.

USA assistance has helped to transform Uganda – Luzindana Adam Buyinza

The United States of America in financial year 2018-2019 gave NRM/M7 Government Assistance (not Loans) worth 970 million USD and for the last 30 years USA has been giving huge sums of money in form of Assistance to Uganda.The current trend if democracy we see in Uganda is not as a result of the will of President Museveni but because of the commitment of the USA government to engage African leaders progressively to appreciate the importance of good governance and democracy in social-economic transformation of Africa.

Bryan White for Lord Mayor? God help us!!!!

By Whisper Eye Reporter 

generally confident mien, image and personality coaches agree, is one of the major ingredients of enigmatic leadership. Because there is never a shortage of critics and naysayers, an optimistic disposition can inspire calmness and confidence during crises, and help generate much-desired solutions, or inspire a dejected public. It is part of the deal of what makes a leader.

Michael Cohen in court: Trump ex-lawyer admits lying to Congress

US President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen has admitted he lied about a Trump property deal in Russia during the 2016 election.

The day the boat went down in Lake Victoria there were so many signs – Iryn Namubiru


On Friday night, I tried to sleep. I could not. There is a born again church nearby and they started praying very early and never stopped. I could hear the speakers, you know, the boom and bang and they would pray. I could not do anything. Instead of getting annoyed, I just stood up and started praying with the people from the church. I slept at around 5 in the morning.

The day before, my driver got in a terrible accident and was in hospital, so I had been there and promised to go back. Now, come Saturday morning, I get a call at 9am telling me “we’re being discharged. Come to hospital.” So I went to Nsambya Hospital around 10am and I left midday. They were still not ready to leave. On my way back home, I passed by my saloon for a pedicure in Lubowa.

State Terrorism likely exist in South Sudan


On the 4th of November 2018, Vice President Dr James Wani Igga visited Yei in what appeared to be a campaign to garner support for the so-called Revitalised Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (R-ARCSS).

James Gatdet Dak is unable to leave Juba 22 days after his release

I woke this morning ready to enjoy a Thanksgivings dinner with family and give thanks to God for his many blessings particularly blessing the South Sudanese people with peace during a difficult time.

The man is a real WITCH , A WIZARD , A SORCERER , A HYPOCRITE , A LIAR and A WOLF IN A SHEEP SKIN – Basajjamivule



There’s this kind request I want to put before all of you : The truth is that I was not chased away from NBS TV , and Mr.Kin Kalisa , a very good friend of mine should not be blamed for my disappearance from the EAGLE PLATFORM .

The reason why am not appearing on the EAGLE SHOW is entirely personal , Mr . Kin Kalisa and the entire NBS TV management are not in any way to blame , I know how much you miss me and you have the reason WHY , but am the one to blame for keeping you guessing for quite long .

Uganda’s NRM is frustrating its own cadres – Sam Evidence

Exposing the bad Characters within the party.

Most Ugandans think that whoever supports or talks on behalf of the National Resistance Movement has money and other things like opportunities. This could be true to a few people but could not be true to other groups of people.

NRM faces a lot of criticism both on social media and the main media with youth who have grown up now and feel they should involve in politics and more so Politics of demanding for change. These ones meet the opposition propagandists on ground and they make a team and it’s very hard pass through the ring fence they create on ground especially through criticism and spreading wrong information. One must be confident and hardhearted to peruse through.

The conflict and the peace agreement from President Kiir’s perspective

The coup d’état narrative of the events in December 2013 that had been widely discredited by the citizens, the observers, and the international community is still being entertained by President Kiir and his regime in Juba.

Italy in the maelstrom of the euro- Karderinis Isidoros


Italy joined the eurozone in 1999, with Prime Minister Massimo d’Alema of the “Democratic Left” party. This fateful participation, which entailed the complete loss of independent monetary policy, is undoubtedly the main cause of the disappointing performance of the Italian economy.

The country’s GDP currently stands at EUR 1.75 trillion euro and its growth rates are extremely anemics, reaching just 0.9%. Real per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP), according to reliable calculations, increased in the period 1969-1998, in which the country had its national currency, the lire, by 104%, while in the period 1999-2016, where the country had already adopted the euro, fell by 0.75%. On the other hand, in the period 1999-2016, Germany’s real per capita GDP grew by 26.1%, making the citizens of that country the most gainers among the main economies of the eurozone.

Bobi Wine blasted me positively. Enjoy Kyarenga Today.


IN 2002 I met Bobi Wine the now Hon Kyagulanyi. They had come to perform at our village Kammengo in Mawokota. While at Tokyika hotel with his Fire base crew I got the guts to confront him. The major aim was to ask him to talk to my Dad who was just seated across. I wanted him to help me talk to him and help influence him to pay for my studio fees.

Omg, Bobi treated me like a real star. The man I found sitted alone on table ended up calling the entire crew to discipline me. He first narrated to them all I had said to him and all went laughing. I then realised I had commited a crime or had gone astray with my ambitions.

Time not yet ripe for national dialogue-Sam Baligidde


I didn’t want to return to this theme, but if you live in Uganda, it seems inevitable. We have watched with alarm the increasing incidence of violence in society.

Mp Mwijukye Francis contributing to the crumbling of FDC party in western Uganda


I predict a big Exodus of FDC members to New formation and other parties in the coming days.

By Sam Evidence Orikunda

Recently, at a certain Hotel in Mbarara, a number of FDC leaders from Districts of Western Uganda resigned their positions in FDC party to join Mugisha Muntu’s new formation. On hearing the news Mwijukye Francis the Buhweju Member of Parliament went to his Facebook page saying the majority who declared their departure were not known in the party and some were ‘Ghost’ members.

Mwijukye did not end there, but he surmmoned members of FDC and they held a press conference to comfim what he had put on Facebook, I at the same time saw him in Ntungamo District doing the same. This did not go well with the people who declared their departure and there has been exchange of words on radios between these people. I am on the side of the people who left the FDC because why should MP Mwijukye insult them? Calling them Ghost members and all sorts of things.

The fight agaisnt corruption should be given to citizens – Sam Evidence

Adding more money to Government agencies for the fight against corruption is betraying Citizens.

By Sam Evidence Orikunda.

Government recently approved 117 billions to be used in the fight against corruption. These billions will be given to government agencies which were created to fight corruption. They include the IGG, The Police anti Corruption unit, The Judiciary anti Corruption unit and several others. These agencies were created to fight corruption but it appears they lost this war in that some of the characters within these agencies are corrupt. People who want to swindle government resources bribe them first before going ahead with their dirty deals and we have lost billions through that way.