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General on a watch while people’s houses are demolished, property looted and people brutalized

Uganda’s topmost soldier General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was almost caught unaware on Thursday when he visited Mperere Wakiso District to address issues of land wrangles

Lord Mayor Lukwago exposed his weakness over Musisi resignation

Brain drain affecting the opposition.

By Sam Evidence Orikunda.

Social media was awash this week with the news about the resignation of KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi.

Spare Okello on Jinja Nile Bridge – Mwaka Lutukumoi

If they can spend thousands of dollars to bring Kanye West and do pr with millions of dollars , who is a common Okello to question new Jinja bridge? How many people are paid to attack such Okellos? Okello

The difference between leaders and rulers – Nathan Nandala Mafabi

When you travel across the world, you wonder whether we have leaders or jokers governing the country. Look at Indonesia here, a country of only islands but very beautifully developed.

An “old man and untimely death!”- Mwaka Lutukumoi

An old man and untimely death! When a flute is blown, drums beaten and melodious voice,
voice of women are heard crying in the morning!

Why i love president Museveni. Mwaka Lutukumoi former RDC


NRM praise singers and spin doctors, H.E Museveni addressed house of lords! Yes he made Uganda proud, but Uganda has 1 leader in 3 decades?

Recycling the president’s speeches is a grave mistake – Sam Evidence

People are paid but they don’t want to work..

Every time the President stands to speak, countrymen ans country women expect something new because government has different programs and projects, some benefit Citizens through services and others employ the people. When a speech is recycled it means nothing new has been brought up.

The marginalization of teachers and the moral crisis at the heart of our nation – Norbert Mao

Last Friday was international teachers day. On this day I thought of the collapsed value system in our blessed republic. While we desire to have super highways and expressways and to cuddle the latest gadgets, at the end of the day it is the values we hold dear that will define us as a nation and a people.

Uganda was not ready for Independence – Kaweesa Keefa

On 9th October, Uganda celebrated its 56th Independence anniversary at Kyotera District and we wish to congratulate the leadership and people of Uganda.

Letters; Son, ‘fare thee well my friend,my hero,my mentor and my daddy’. ( Peter Nyombi )

Daddy said that he enjoyed my writing and so I believe it’s only fitting that for his final send off I write him something befitting. A lot has been said about my daddy on social media, newspapers and even on television.

Broken but never changed – Hon Zaake Francis Butebi

Friends, Foes and frenemies, it has been long since we last communicated.

After independence, the struggle of dependence still continues – Isa Kato

Uganda has changed dramatically in the last fifty Six years. We got our Independence on 9th October, 1962 when European powers withdrew from the continent, in a disgraceful faction; after their defeat