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Uganda’s Abenakyo crowned Miss World Africa

Top five contestants: Abenakyo Quinn  is thefirst Miss Uganda to make it to the top 5 finalist

Ohio dad makes girl walk miles to school for bullying on bus

An Ohio father who made his daughter walk five miles (8km) to school as punishment for bullying has provoked a debate on parenting.

After 10-year-old Kirsten was suspended for three days from the school bus for a second-time bullying offence, Matt Cox decided to teach her a life lesson.

He made her walk to school on a cold day while he followed behind in a car.

MP Kakooza in critical condition after accident

The Member of Parliament (MP) Kabula County in Rakai District James Kakooza has been admitted to Mbarara Hospital in critical condition after being involved in an accident that claimed the life of one person and injured three others.

Mr Kakooza, who was driving a Golf car Reg No. UBB 826F survived with his body guard at Nyakahita-Rwebiteete

Egyptian actress Rania Youssef charged over revealing dress

An Egyptian actress who wore a revealing dress to the Cairo Film Festival is to go on trial on charges of “inciting debauchery”, reports say.

Ugandan love of grasshoppers – and how to harvest them

It is grasshopper season in Uganda, where they are seen as a nutritious delicacy – either boiled or deep-fried. They are so popular that some are worried about declining harvests.

George Bush Senior dies at the age of 94

Former US President George HW Bush has died at the age of 94, his son George W Bush has announced.

Bush Sr served as the 41st US president between 1989 and 1993, his term defined by

Namibia’s success in the fight against HIV

Harvey Davis comes to open the gate to his dusty, wind swept compound in the remote part of northern Namibia.

“Welcome, welcome, it’s been so long since we’ve had visitors,” he exclaims at the two health workers

Anger over pork sausages at Germany Islam event

Germany’s Interior Ministry has said it regrets serving pork sausage at a conference on Islam in Berlin earlier this week.

The ministry said the food selection had been designed for the “diverse religious attendance”

Michelle Obama book best seller

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Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s memoir Becoming has become the best-selling book released this year in the US just 15 days after publication.

Court gives tycoon Bryan White 10 days to file defence

Court has given socialite Brian Kirumira alias Bryan White 10 days to file his defence on allegations of failing to pay $160,000 (about Shs591,406,000) for a car in his possession.

Boat survivor musician Irene Namubiru meets young man who saved her life

Musician Irene Namubiru has met the young man who saved her life on Saturday, November 24, 2018.

Brian Masole dived into the Lake Victoria on Saturday evening and helped the musician and other revelers as they fought for their lives after MV Templar capsized.

Mo Salah: Egypt footballer weighs in on cats and dogs row

Football star Mo Salah has spoken out against plans in his home nation of Egypt to export stray animals abroad, amid fears they will be used for food.

“Cats and dogs will not be exported anywhere. This won’t happen and can’t happen,” he tweeted, alongside images of his pet Siamese cats.

Child Drag Queen Praised as Trailblazer

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When it comes to the transgender lifestyle agenda, it seems nothing is off limits, and this was made abundantly clear when an 11-year-old drag queen was recently praised during an appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Why most married women cheat on their husbands

In the past, married women flirting with men was a taboo and one who was caught in such a scenario was usually sent a way to her parents to be “taught manners”

Africa youths now boil used menstrual pads to get high

By Africhanel 

Teenagers are now using menstrual pads to get high by boiling the sanitary product and then drinking the water, Indonesian officials have warned.

Several local newspapers, including the Jakarta Post, Jawa Pos and Pos Belitung, have reported about the worrying trend in recent weeks.

Both new and used sanitary pads are said to be obtained by young Indonesians looking for a cheap and legal way to get high.

Chinese erotic novelist jailed for 10 years for gay sex scenes

A Chinese writer has been given a 10 year sentence for writing and selling a novel which featured gay sex scenes.

The writer, identified as Liu, was jailed by a court in Anhui province last month for