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Museveni preaches militarism While Bobi Wine addresses concerns – Nathan Span

Lines have been drawn between Museveni’s militarism vs Hon. Kyagulanyi’s simple massage. The difference between Museveni and Hon. Kyagulanyi is like days and nights.

While Museveni is talking of not leaving power until Africa is liberated from being bullied, Hon. Kyagulanyi is concerned about where you’re going to get food to feed your children. Museveni is talking of crashing the opposition while Hon. Kyagulanyi is talking of empowering the common man to fight for his/her freedom.

Museveni is talking of imprisoning anyone that abuses his dead mother while Hon. Kyagulanyi is concerned about preventable daily accidents, and chronic corruption innUganda.

Many people are asking why most Ugandans can relate to Hon. Kyagulanyi’s appeal to Ugandans, Museveni is still stuck in militarism that worked from 1966-86. Even his wife Janet Museveni jumped in to muddy waters by stating that nobody can remove her husband unless God says its time.

You can clearly see the gap between the rulers and those ruled. The young generation does not care about helicopter gunships, freedom fighter who has conquered this and that, Museveni is out of touch with the youth and in his mindset, he clearly believes that the method he used to grab power 34 years ago, still resonates with today’s smartphone generation or by dishing out billions of shillings, it be the magic button but he is fooling himself.

Bobi Wine latest Message to President Museveni

Today’s youth, needs technology, education, high tech employment and less interested in freedom fighters, tough talking generals, tear gas, political persecutions. As long as Museveni still stuck in strongman mentality, and his wife’s nonsense of God sent husband, Ugandans will flock to Hon. Kyagulanyi’s messages. Can Janet Museveni tell us which person on earth not sent by God? Perhaps rulers that kill their citizens were sent to earth by satan. You cannot do the same thing over and over for 34 years and expect different results.

Nathan Span

Nathan Span