President Yoweri Museveni worried about Bobi Wine - Nathan Span  - Whisper Eye

President Yoweri Museveni worried about Bobi Wine – Nathan Span 

Museveni is reportedly worried about Hon. Kyagulanyi and has no idea how to tame him. Hon. Kyagulanyi has become a serious threat to the ruling family and Museveni has dispatched his young brother the fixer to try and slow down Hon. Kyagulanyi.

Hon. Kyagulanyi and Salim are friends and its not known what message Salim has for Hon. Kyagulanyi. Museveni has dispatched his wife also, to inform the country that it’s her husband who is still the president and his authority to rule Uganda came from God and no matter what anyone does he cannot remove him because God still sees her husband as a leader and he has not finished God’s mission to lead the country.

The government has also approached the so called Balokole (born again) to try to undermine Hon. Kyagulanyi to no avail. Due to international popularity that Hon. Kyagulanyi enjoys, it is harder for the regime to go after him without arousing the international media.

Museveni was shocked when on the very day the government blocked Bobi Wines concerts, it became instant news internationally and the picture of Bobi Wine standing in front of police tear gas tracks was compared to that of a Chinese dissident also known as the Tankman in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

The real threat Museveni is concerned about is that Hon. Kyagulanyi has united the country especially the youth and has become an international star. The government for now is hopping that elderly Ugandans and religious leaders don’t jump on Hon. Kyagulanyi’s bandwagon and that would be the last straw to Museveni’s hold onto power.

Nathan Span