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Bobi Wine named by Africa Yellow Wall among Africans that should inspire you in 2019

Uganda’s political sergeant Bobi Wine has been listed among the most inspirational Africans to watch in 2019. Bobi Wine alongside other Africans in The Africa Yellow Wall Magazine .

This Magazine was established in 2015, which embarked on a mission to identify Africans, who during the year made socio-economic impact in their communities and recorded personal achievements that could inspire other Africans in the following year according to their profile. and according tho this magazine Uganda;s Bobi Wine is among the more than 20 Africans identified and were illustrated on a platform called click to read on other Africans listed among with Bobi Wine The Africa Yellow Wall.

Below is the profile illustrated on Bobi Wine on The Africa Yellow Wall.

Bobi Wine

If anyone was going to challenge Yoweri Museveni, the 74-year-old wouldn’t have expected it to be a reggae star who wasn’t even born when he married Janet in 1973. But Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has constantly being a thorn in Museveni’s flesh and for once, many consider him as the beginning of the end of Museveni’s 32-year rule.

Born in Mpigi district, central Uganda, Kyagulanyi, popularly known as Bobi Wine, grew up in Kamwookya, one of the poorest suburbs of Kampala where he launched his music career in the early 2000s after graduating from Makerere University, Uganda’s oldest, with a degree in Music, Dance and Drama. He became famously known as the “Ghetto President” for persistently speaking out about the struggles of the Ugandan lower classes and the urban poor.

The African Yellow Magazine top 20 Africans

Releasing songs that hit directly at government failures and excesses made Kyagulanyi popular among Ugandan youth.

Some of his spectacular lines include “Why would you wash white clothes only to hang them on a dirty log to dry?” “Why don’t you look up to Mandela as an example? He ran for one term and released the flag”. “We know you fought a Bush war, but imagine a child who was unborn when you came has long become a parent… They request that you don’t touch their constitution because it’s their only remaining hope.”

Bobi Wine Message to President Museveni

In 2017, Kyagulanyi won a parliamentary seat for Kyaddondo East in Uganda, taking the ghetto to the parliament as he didn’t stop being Bobi Wine.

All by himself, Bobi Wine has galvanized support for a new line of thinking that is beyond Museveni. He has helped unseat three incumbent ruling party MPs. He was an outsider and nobody invited him but he brought his own chair and sat at the table. The rural votes Museveni once relied on to win elections is now being split with Bobi Wine, whose cult-like following is growing in rural Uganda and among the lower and middle classes, especially young Ugandans.

As things stand, if there is anyone who can end Museveni’s reign through a free and fair election, it is Bobi Wine. He is only 36.