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Why Bobi Wine the offside Striker – Ambrose Mwesigye

By Ambrose Mwesigye

Ever since he joined parliament, the Kyadondo East Member of parliament Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has exhibited high level defiance to public order and political sobriety. With a background of ghetto identity and brand,  where no order matters right from dressing code,culture, language to hair style everything is inside out; my old friend has not fully metamorphosed and I believe it’s greatly due to the many years he adored an inside out self proclaimed ghetto ‘culture’ that had no allegiance to civility.

Whereas one would understand this and grant Bobi more time to go through a complete socio-political metamorphosis, the effect of his past especially one that was characterised by among others drug abuse(see weed), with his current political status where unsuspecting young music fans may wrongly be influenced, the only option that remains is ensure strict adherence to the rules of the game in public order management and socio-political administration.

First, it’s clear that every society right from the smallest unit that’s the home,  to clan,all through to a nation in both traditional and modern set up there are norms and whoever falls short is shown the right place they belong. But let me specifically go to the current Bob Wine craze with simple vivid examples to justify why security must prevail on my friend until he is helped fit in the honorable or opposition champion stature he claims.

While in primary school which am sure Bobi went through  we were trained to respect time for everything . We reported to school and started with cleaning our classes and compound, go for parade,  then class, P.E, class, break, back to class, lunch or home for lower classes. At any of the given time for a particular activity,  whoever was found doing the contrary would be reprimanded by child leaders(prefects) who were at the same time enforcement officers with powers to inflict pain using kiboko/omunyafu. This rigorous program in school helped everyone to fit in the modern civilisation world away from our various traditional family and clan norms.

This at a broader society level translates into the national political administration system that presides over the law and other public order management systems. Today, there’s no presidential campaign,  no crisis in the country and the national electoral calendar is clear. Every leader is apart from whileon the floor of parliament or by assignment supposed to concentrate on their local constituency and all have respected this order except my friend Bobi Wine who is taking advantage of his economic freedom to breach the norm.

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If politics was soccer the referee would get him offside and his score attempt cancelled. If politics was athletics, the whistle would blow to  halt his impulsive early start of the race. If Uganda was Rwabutura primary school Bobi would be handled by the class monitor and prefects(child leaders and enforcement officers) to be tamed to order. What should be done to his offside,  out of schedule political stunts, won’t the national prefects swing in action to help strike the ghetto out of him?

Ambrose Mwesigye is a former RDC