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Netanyahu asks for twitter bribery support

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked his followers on social media Monday night to help him come up with one-line jokes about bribes and the police.

Netanyahu posted a form on Twitter with the line: Bribery without money is like  asking followers to fill in the blank.

Some came up with creative ideas.

In reference to the power-duo of Israeli television Rotem Sela and Assi Azar, a user claimed that Bribery without money is like the famous model and actress Sela having to work without the lively personality of Azar.

The two have been hosting “The Next Star” and “Ninja Israel”, both shows are widely watched by Israelis. 

Netanyahu has long dismissed allegations that he received bribes from the Walla news website as part of Case 4000 in which police claim he approved the merger of Yes and Bezeq and in exchange received favorable coverage from Walla

Some commenters refused to provide the Prime Minister with jokes, and opted instead to upload fake photos of Netanyahu kicking a soccer ball in orange prison uniforms and a photograph of Netanyahu with the caption “A dramatic message-Iam a crook and you are” a reference to his Monday evening announcement that he will deliver a “dramatic message” to the nation.

Yet others posted positive images of the Israeli politician with the caption “One does not replace a giant with gnomes,” showing once again that the Prime Minister is not without supporters.