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Bryan White for Lord Mayor? God help us!!!!

By Whisper Eye Reporter 

generally confident mien, image and personality coaches agree, is one of the major ingredients of enigmatic leadership. Because there is never a shortage of critics and naysayers, an optimistic disposition can inspire calmness and confidence during crises, and help generate much-desired solutions, or inspire a dejected public. It is part of the deal of what makes a leader.

John A Barnes, in his book, John F. Kennedy on Leadership: The Lessons and Legacy of a President, recalls the desolate state of New York City two decades ago in 1993, when it teetered on the brink of bankruptcy, bogged down by crime and failed political leadership under Mayor David Dinkins. When Rudy Giuliani took over as mayor, it was his charisma, more than anything else, that helped turn around what is today regarded, rightly so, as the “capital of the world”.

Because denigrators do not require any prodding to descend down upon one, for any range of reasons, Barnes offers, it requires more than willpower to inspire and demonstrate the positive in any given (bad) circumstance.

When  Erias Lukwago took the reins from  Nasser Sebaggala , he was barely recovering from a crippling Kampala garbage city . the crowd at city mayor gardens and at different rallies was  held in electrified captivation.

Of course, what became of that hope is another matter.


All this year the controversial Bryan White  has dispatched his Bryan White foundation  team in different parts of Uganda

Yet, Kampala story is extremely complicated, and its troubles are not just about a calm demeanour, or inspiring charisma. The city’s problems are structural, and they are historic. The summary of it is bad leadership, but they boil down to overwhelmed infrastructure, occasioned by bad planning, and sheer selfishness.

Yet, these are not new. Everybody knows them; they have been in manifestos since time memorial  and even before it. But if you ask Seya  he will say he never had the support of the national government in his bid to clean up Kampala– because he was “deliberately sabotaged, just so Erias Lukwago and Musisi who awaits resignation.

Bryan White  is a ‘gang-star’, and not the nerdy kind, as rapper Ice Cube would say. He has never denied that he (used to be) a criminal, that he escaped many misfortunes and many question his wealth , and that he has since used his connections as a rich man as he prefers to call himself  But, he is an upstanding citizen now, he claims, and he wants to make this city great again. Well, hell Lord mayor

Because  Erias Lukwago is a corporate Lawyer and an opposition figure but not a thug in Seya , will he   appeal to the masses again?  He is elitist a bit but a serious freedom fighter.

Now the show down is on as the gaps between Bryan White and Erias Lukwago for Kampala Lord Mayorship surface at this time when Uganda’s political arena is changing very first.

to be continued..