Jonglei lawyers file lawsuit against Bor mayor for insult - Whisper Eye

Jonglei lawyers file lawsuit against Bor mayor for insult

A group of lawyers in Bor town of South Sudan’s Jonglei State has filed a lawsuit against the mayor of Bor town last Wednesday.

Speaking to whisper eye media team   on Friday, Michael Mayen Maker, the president of lawyers in Jonglei said they opened a case at the public persecution attorney against the town mayor for insulting them during a church service in Bor town last Sunday.

“The charges against him (mayor) are incitement and defamation.

Mayor Gai called us criminals during a church service at St. Andrew Cathedral on Sunday,” he said.

Mayen noted that their differences with municipal officials surfaced when they started advocating for the rights of desperate residents whose homes were demolished in Bor town.

For his part, the mayor of Bor town James Gai said he was aware of the lawsuit filed against him.

The municipal official said he was in contact with the lawyers to settle their differences without court. Gai admitted that he called the lawyers “criminals” but it wasn’t intentional.