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Man cuts wife’s mouth, cheeks, throat as children watch

A one Aidah Nabuufu Mutiri is fighting for her life at Case Clinic, Kampala after her husband, Patrick Juma Mutiri descended on her, cutting her mouth edges, cheeks, and throat in the presence of their children.

The incident happened at the couple’s home in Bugembegembe village, Gombe parish, Wakiso district, when Patrick Mutiri, a teacher attached to Kasubi Secondary school seized his wife while their children assembled, cut her mouth edges, cheeks and slit her throat.

Mutiri, satisfied with his actions and intention; rolled Nabuufu in a cloth, rested her on the couple’s matrimonial bed, hang up his machete and stormed out of the house to a destination no one knows to this day.

The couple’s house help would then rush towards Nabuufu whom she found still alive. She then made an alarm before neighbors ran to Nabuufu’s rescue dashing her to hospital in a semi-conscious state.

According to Nabuufu’s brother, the couple has been having domestic issues.

“He (Mutiri) came to me and asked that I advise my sister over certain issues. I didn’t think the situation was this grave,” he said.

Nabuufu now requires so much money to undergo a surgery that will bring back her normal mouth, as well as close out other wounds, especially the deep cut in the neck.

According to Heather Nanteza Lundsten, a colleague of Nabuufu, they have opened up an online funding initiative to raise money to cater for the expenses.

“Aidah has been in theater since morning, she is not yet out. More prayers are needed for her on this long journey that is she facing. Please continue to fight domestic violence. Not every relationship or marriage is supposed to last forever. Just walk away if you see any signs of abuse,” Nanteza posted on Facebook

“Aidah needs a lot of money for surgery, whoever feels it in their heart to help get this beautiful lady back to her feet is free to send any contributions to this number- +256756115578 in the names of Nakirayi Rachel Patricia,” she added.