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Mp Mwijukye Francis contributing to the crumbling of FDC party in western Uganda


I predict a big Exodus of FDC members to New formation and other parties in the coming days.

By Sam Evidence Orikunda

Recently, at a certain Hotel in Mbarara, a number of FDC leaders from Districts of Western Uganda resigned their positions in FDC party to join Mugisha Muntu’s new formation. On hearing the news Mwijukye Francis the Buhweju Member of Parliament went to his Facebook page saying the majority who declared their departure were not known in the party and some were ‘Ghost’ members.

Mwijukye did not end there, but he surmmoned members of FDC and they held a press conference to comfim what he had put on Facebook, I at the same time saw him in Ntungamo District doing the same. This did not go well with the people who declared their departure and there has been exchange of words on radios between these people. I am on the side of the people who left the FDC because why should MP Mwijukye insult them? Calling them Ghost members and all sorts of things.

This morning on a radio talkshow people were discussing Mwijukye’s statements and I’ve heard the brilliant ideas of different people. The FDC Secretary General of Kabale District accused Mwijukye of engaging in politics of insulting and exchanging words. The Kabale District FDC party secretary hasn’t announced his departure but my inside information shows that he is already on the exit door. He will have joined the Ndorwa West Constituency FDC leader who announced his resignation and joined New formation, soon other prominent members of FDC will announce their departure too.

Mwijukye Francis as a member of Parliament and a leader in FDC, should be uniting the members instead of throwing words agaisnt those who leave, How does he expect those who have left to come back when he insults them that they’re were ghost members of FDC?

In religion, preachers do not insult sinners they instead befriend them in order to have them join Christianity and leave their sinful ways. If you insult you create a big rift between you and the people you would want to join you.
However the behavior of MP Mwijukye Francis shouldn’t shock anybody, this has been the strategy or the way of Politicking of the FDC party leaders. Mugisha Muntu who was the party President was named a mole, he was mistreated within the Party till he felt he can’t hold it further and now we have new formation which will be made a political party.

The instantabilty within FDC is caused by it’s top most leaders and you cannot do anything for the party when you’re fighting. These fights they’re engaged in proves to the rest of the members that they can’t manage running this country if at all they get chance of getting power. Here in Kigezi we have a proverb which says that people who fight looking for the materials to build a house will not manage building. Perhaps they will have got divided before even getting to the site of building. This means that there should be Unity amongst the builders until when the house is completed.

At one time, those who are left and stuck in the FDC will know that they’re in a Wrong party. A party of fighting and throwing insults, a party that focuses on creating a rift between themselves and the non members. This isn’t building but destroying. I am not a prophet of doom but this kind of behavior will put the FDC party at the same level with UPC, DP, JEMA and PPP.

MP Mwijukye Francis and other leaders should be knowing that the FDC needs people in order to achieve their goals, when you’re counting you start from one as you go further then, what happens when you don’t have that one (1)? And what happens when something you had counted dies off or gets off? I am trying to explain that every member in the party whether leader or not, whether known or not is important in the party. For as long as that person is a Ugandan and registered voter. I have realized that there’s a biggest hatred between New formation as a party in making and FDC as a party already existing. It’s unbelievable because these should be working together to get power which they’ve struggled for a long time.

Nevertheless, they say “Never interrupt your enemy as he makes mistakes” as NRM we are watching on as FDC and New formation fight each other to finish themselves. The more they fight is the more we get stronger. Mwijukye Francis should go ahead to add more pressure in these fights. We are just enjoying