The fight agaisnt corruption should be given to citizens - Sam Evidence - Whisper Eye

The fight agaisnt corruption should be given to citizens – Sam Evidence

Adding more money to Government agencies for the fight against corruption is betraying Citizens.

By Sam Evidence Orikunda.

Government recently approved 117 billions to be used in the fight against corruption. These billions will be given to government agencies which were created to fight corruption. They include the IGG, The Police anti Corruption unit, The Judiciary anti Corruption unit and several others. These agencies were created to fight corruption but it appears they lost this war in that some of the characters within these agencies are corrupt. People who want to swindle government resources bribe them first before going ahead with their dirty deals and we have lost billions through that way.

These agencies have have frustrated the fight against corruption for long and the President ended up assigning some of his own staff to help in the fight against corruption. The President gave contacts of his staff to the public and requested people to Call reporting cases of Corruption. After that I read a story in the news saying that the President staff was overwhelmed by the reports they received from the public I don’t know what has been done against those reports or the measures being put.

I am of the view that if we empower Citizens in the fight against corruption we might defeat it or get to some level now that the government agencies seems to be relaxing or benefiting from the corrupt government officials. Everybody knows that once you give a piece of meat to the dog it won’t bark at you when you’re doing wrong in the home it’s supposed to protect. Therefore a thief will first look for a solution to that dog before breaking your doors to steal.

Services are for citizens and when services don’t reach the Citizens it’s them who suffer most. Corruption has crippled services to the Ugandans both in Villages and urban areas. I believe that if the war agaisnt corruption is given to citizens we shall take a step. This should be done by first sensitising the public about corruption and the tricks used by the corrupt government officials to steal. Then strategies should be put on how the cases reported by the citizens can be handled without fail.

You will note that in instances where citizens have bursted people who demand bribes from them before giving services has embarrassed those officials and I think most of them have given up on asking for bribes. What if we encourage and teach more citizens to use the same tricks in fighting corruption shall we not take a step?

What does it help to keep on adding money to the agencies that have not helped us to fight corruption? They complain of not getting information from the public which they would use to inculcate the corrupt officials. They do not tell us about the corrupt officials that share bribes with them in order to keep Quiet or sound defensive in case a Question arises.

It’s very disturbing to note that once government releases funds for a certain project, the officer at the top most position in that docket expects his small share, then the one under him also cuts his share and it goes like that till it reaches the most the most Lower government official. This means by the time money reaches to the level of being used to do something that will help the people it will have been spent and no good work will be done on ground.

Citizens should be taught to be responsible enough and Question people who go to their communities to give them services, once something wrong is done, it should be reported emmediately either by the media or other trusted authorities. The billions government is adding on the agencies should be Used to sensitise and procure everything needed for that job.

If we don’t sharpen the teeth that bite Corruption, if we do not do something about about corruption we shall be wasting our time, because people are ready to steal whatever comes and several of them have become rich through corruption, in fact it’s very disturbing that once those officials realize that you will interfere with their deals, they will kill you but have their deals of stealing accomplished. Therefore as government and party we can still hatch plans of fighting corruption and the most accurate one is empowering Citizens to be watchdogs and also be vigilant enough. I don’t think there will be any individual that we will able to bribe the whole Village in order to have his deal of stealing government funds accomplished.