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Blogger Seruga Titus speaks out ” Kaka will never get me”

famous Blogger Titus Seruga popularly known for leaking classified government information which authorities say is detrimental to the country’s security has responded to reports of his planned arrest.
Speaking to this website, Seruga believed to be based in Belgium capital, Brussels bragged that it is very difficult for Uganda’s security system to track him down.

“Kaka will never get me,” he said when asked if he doesn’t fear for his life with his continued release of vital security information.

Seruga confirmed to us that he carries his real names on his popular Facebook page which he uses to spill information.“My real names are Titus Seruga as per my passport.”

Asked how he benefits from his continued leaks, the blogger responded, “The public needs that information.”

On Tuesday a local daily published a story quoting Internal Security Organisation (ISO) Director General Col. Kaka Bagyenda who said he is hunting for Mr. Seruga for stealing top government secrets.

“We do not want to do our work in media but what you have to know the matters he is wanted for are security related and we shall get him by all means,” Kaka told said.

He added that he was in touch with international counterparts to have a red notice against Seruga issued soon.

But to Seruga, he is exposing the ‘bad seed’ in the system.“I expose bad people within the system, those that are supposed to avail services to the public but instead they abuse their power.”

Whereas Kaka is optimistic Seruga will be arrested soon, the blogger says ISO boss is living a dream.

“It’s had to arrest someone not in Uganda especially if Uganda doesn’t respect some standards of human rights,” he said.

Seruga acknowledged he left Uganda in 2015 having worked with Contact Graphics as head of marketing before setting up his my own firm Bazar Limited.

Asked whether he fled or left the country in peace, Seruga declined to reply.