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Lord Mayor Lukwago exposed his weakness over Musisi resignation

Brain drain affecting the opposition.

By Sam Evidence Orikunda.

Social media was awash this week with the news about the resignation of KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi. The one who couldn’t hide his excitement was the mayor of Kampala Elias Lukwago who called journalists and sang songs of jubilation – celebrating the resignation of Jennifer Musisi.

Surprisingly if we back track too see what each of these two have done, we realize that Madam Musisi has performed and outcompeted Mayor Lukwago who claims he has more authority than the Kampala Executive Director. Lukwago has so much been at the center of playing Daily politics and involving in everything that happens in the country ignoring his duties as the Lord mayor.

I think I shouldn’t be blamed if I say that Mayor Lukwago has been the personal assistant of Dr. Besigye for all the years he has spent in office.. He doesn’t stop from ganging up with him while in Kampala but he follows him even to upcountry.

Lukwago just like most of the opposition Characters has involved himself in politics of populism and making himself a darling of cameras. To them Maybe this is a strategy of political mobilisation that could see them taking power from NRM but I think it’s a wrong strategy. Once trusted with the responsibility one should work for the people such that they trust him with bigger position when time comes. That’s why I see most opposition leaders as jokers and people who are just buying time.

Lukwago as a man and political head of Kampala as he claims would be working hard to make sure there’s sanity at City Hall and hence working for people of Kampala with Unity. If he had tried and his efforts betrayed by the government or Madam Musisi as a person we would be putting a blame on this lady or the government. unfortunately that’s not the case, Lukwago decided to lock horns with the Kampala ED and the two have been fighting for long. That’s why he couldn’t hide his happiness when he heard about the resignation of Madam Musisi.

Political wars do not hurt the people who engage in them but they instead hurt the local people. Because as the bigwigs are fighting services to the people are retarded and hence people facing the consequences. A leader who is committed to work for the people avoids wrangles and instead focuses on working for people who elected him. Lukwago has not done this but he instead boasts of having the mandate of the people of Kampala.

This behavior and way of politicking doesn’t surprise many because it has been the strategy of the opposition Characters for long. For instance the Former President of FDC can’t end his addresses without mentioning Museveni even when Museveni doesn’t do the same, in fact someone said that without Museveni, Besigye would lack what to say and what to tell the public. A leader with Vission is able to bring new issues every day and has the way he avails them to the public without peddling lies and insulting fellows.

I got some bit of hope this week when I visited Tom Voltaire Okwalinga’s page the reknown opposition blogger who has been against the government for long. TVO had posted something against the new commissioned bridge of Jinja. The biggest percentage of people who commented on this were disappointed and angry by this kind of politicking, they advised him not to criticize everything but have some time to appreciate. These ones told TVO that it’s not Museveni who will be using this bridge but Ugandans, they at the same time rubbished the accusations that the money used to construct this bridge was borrowed. Commentators argue that one can’t get a loan when he doesn’t have the capacity. I wholeheartedly agree with the commentators and I think if things had been like this before we would be far in terms of development and service delivery.

Conclusively, the opposition politicians should know that politics isn’t about fighting individuals, it’s about fighting for what is right and fighting to work for people – in doing so one shouldn’t step in the other. in case Personal fights come they shouldn’t overshadow services for the people. When one focuses much on fights he isn’t a leader.

Sam Evidence the writer