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UYD’s Mugonza condemns independence celebrations in stricken poverty Kyotera

Democratic Party (DP) youth wing known as the Uganda Young Democrats(UYD)  condemned the 9th October celebrated independence ceremony which was held in Kyotera district to mark 56 years of Uganda’s independence on Tuesday.

Mr Mugonza Andrew who led the demonstrations franked by some of Uganda young democrats in Kyotera , Kalisizo decried the new mobile money tax and social media tax introduced by the current financial year by the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government to deter youth development.

A kilogram of Sugar is at 4,500/- in Kyotera, a price which is 10 times plus the price of a kilogram of maize, this means, that our people in Kyotera to buy one kilogram of Sugar, they must sell off 10 kgs of Maize , added Mr Mugonza.

Andrew , the organising secretary of UYD decried the situation in the country and saw no difference between the current government and the colonial masters , he called upon the NRM government to stop lavish spending of public money in celebrations uncalled for when Ugandans are still slaves in their own country.

He said the independence celebrations at Kasasa Pray grounds in Kyotera was a function to celebrate taxes against Ugandans, and the amendment of Article 102 (2) which we oppose, and those who attended they were awarded by Mr. Museveni for the role they prayed in the passing of these bills

Uganda Young Democrats led by Mr Andrew  Mugonza protest Mobile Money tax in Kyotera district

The renowned  activist said the amounts of money that was used to organise  independence celebrations at Kyotera should have been invested in development programmes a cross the region  to benefit unemployed youth in the country.

Mugonza who is eyeing to dislodge state minister of micro – finance Mr Kasoolo condemned what he called sleeping ministers in Kasoolo who absent them selves when parliament sits on crucial voting matters like the recent passed mobile money tax .