Uganda was not ready for Independence - Kaweesa Keefa - Whisper Eye

Uganda was not ready for Independence – Kaweesa Keefa

On 9th October, Uganda celebrated its 56th Independence anniversary at Kyotera District and we wish to congratulate the leadership and people of Uganda.

However, while perusing through the Independence supplement of 1962/3, courtesy of Newvison, I have come to realize that some Ugandans were not ready for Independence.

Take for instance when the Constitution Amendment Bill was read in parliament by the then Minister of Justice Hon. Grace Ibingira.

The house had moved on to the second item on the Order paper which included he second reading of ‘the presidential election bill’

The minister then read out the fundamental amendment parts within the presidential election bill”.

Members went ahead to debate  the first item on the Order paper “the Constitution bill” in confusion until they were steered back by the speaker.

The mover of the motion Hon Grace Ibingira moved to “the fundamental part of the Bill”.

This was in part abolishment of Governor General and establishment of President as Head of state who would be known as the President of Uganda.

Members who rose up to discuss the bill suggested that he should be known as ‘Head of the Common Men’.

Another proposal was ‘Sheppard of Uganda’. Another suggestion was ‘Kintu.’

‘Kintu’ is a legendary ancestor of Buganda and ‘Baganda’ are culturally referred to as descendants of ‘Kintu’.

Another proposal was ‘Ceaser’ while another was ‘Lucky Lord of Uganda.’

Others subscribed to the name of ‘Sovereign’ while others zeroed on ‘Emperor’.

Some members proposed that the President should be called the “King of Uganda”.

Then came the proposed amendment to have the Vice president.

The disaster record is there for everyone to read but it’s just clear that some Ugandans were not yet ready for independence.

Fifty six years down the road, one should not be surprised if within the quarters, some politicians might still subscribe to this kind of notion.

A happy Independence anniversary.