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Bobi Wine(Political Sergeant) Independence message to Ugandans

Uganda Political sergeant Bobi Wine shared this morning his independence messages to Ugandans . Bobi Wine who is so far one year in the elective politics of Uganda has endured struggles ever since the Arua incident were blood was shed and life lost.

The Kyadondo Member of Parliament is destined to take on President Museveni in the next general election .

Below is Bobi Wine Independence  message to Uganda.

It was the 9th October 1962 when a nation was born. Beautiful and endowed, with a promise of DEMOCRACY. With UNITY in DIVERSITY, all on a mission to build a nation that would make life better for the future GENERATIONS. Well, indeed WE ARE THAT GENERATION- the grandchildren of the independence generation and, oh yes, the grandparents of the future generations. We must, within ourselves, find solutions since our leaders don’t seem to care for the #NextGeneration but instead care for the next general election.”

Our nation Uganda was born 56 years ago. It has been a journey of joys and sorrows. Hopes and disappointments. Achievements and failures. As we commemorate this day, may we make a new commitment to soldier on day by day, step by step, until Uganda is truly free’.