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Zari blasts Diamond yet again for missing out on their kids’ lives

Zari Hassan cannot stand the fact her kids have to grow up away from their father and she is about tired of having to stay quiet about the issue.

The mother of five attacked Diamond Platnumz yet again for being an absent father who spoils his children with expensive gifts every now and then.

According to a Snapchat post by Zari, money can never buy love and their children need more than a man who plays the role of a generous Santa. “Too bad your kids will have these beautiful memories with someone else.

The simple gifts that money cannot buy,” Zari wrote.  The Ugandan beauty had taken shots at Diamond for not being willing to fly to South Africa frequently to help raise their kids.

The yummy mummy has always stated her younger brother was forced to take up a fatherly role and help raise her young kids.

The beauty even said once her kids already forgot how their father looked like and he was a complete stranger to them.

However the exes recently had us fooled after each of them took to Instagram to wish each other a happy birthday. Their fans were convinced their beef was all water under the bridge but oh well, the bridge just collapsed!