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Zari flies to London, hosts birthday party only 8 people attended

Ugandan beauty Zari Hassan is known for throwing lavish all white themed birthday parties whenever she is turning a year old. However, her latest birthday celebration was marred by disappointment and a little bit of lack of appreciation after only eight people showed up.

According to numerous photos seen by  on Wednesday, September 26, the mother of five had to settle for a corner table date with her companions. The group indulged in a few drinks and some  baked cakes which did not reflect the star-like demeanor of the famous boss lady.

Zari had earlier assured people a lot of her followers would surely turn up for her celebrations. Even after her birthday passed, she took to social media to flaunt how she had the time of her life and of course did not miss the chance to say people turned up in large numbers.

Gossip mills did a little bit of digging and fished out a bunch of sorry photos which showed the yummy mummy tucked away at a corner table with eight of her fans. The rest of the night club was business as usual and not a soul was concerned with Zari’s birthday celebrations. This is a complete turnaround as her birthdays are always marked with hype and major turnout from her fans.