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Trump pulls rug over carpet,orders documents declassified

President Trump has ordered that numerous documents involving the Russia investigation be declassified.

  The records have long been sought by Congress under lawful subpoenas.

  Yet, the FBI and Department of Justice have consistently obstructed the release of these materials under the guise of “classified” secrets.

  This is a convenient alibi all too frequently employed to cover-up wrongdoing and abuse of authority by those we entrust to uphold the law.

These days, overzealous government officials automatically designate nearly all matters as national security risks, regardless of whether they truly are.

Whenever the FBI orders Chinese take-out, it is labeled “top secret” because… you know… it involves the Chinese.

False classification has reached absurd proportions.

How do we know?  Every time information is declassified we learn that the material should never have been classified to begin with.

It was nothing more than a subterfuge. Here are two recent examples:

In July, a substantial portion of the wiretap warrant applications presented to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court was declassified.

It turns out that no vital sources or methods were revealed in a way that jeopardized either national security or the FBI’s secret investigative techniques.

Instead, we learned that much of the application to spy on a Trump campaign associate, Carter Page, was based on an unverified “dossier” that was funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and composed by a British spy, Christopher Steele, who was fired by the FBI for lying.

This critical information was never fully or candidly disclosed to the FISA judges.

They were deceived and defrauded.

Regulations clearly state, “only documented and verified information may be used to support FBI applications to the (FISA) court.”

In February, the Republican version of the House Intelligence Committee’s memo on the Russian investigation was also declassified.

Once it was made public, we discovered that there was nothing therein that justified its suppression at the highest level of classification, “top secret.”  Indeed, it should never have been classified at all.

The FBI’s real objection was that it contained “material omissions” that made the bureau look bad.  That is not a legitimate reason for originating or maintaining classification status

.  In fact, it is in direct violation of Executive Order 13526 that was signed by President Obama in 2009.  Hiding lawlessness or embarrassment by government officials under the contrived protection of a “classified” designation is against the law.

If the FBI, DOJ and others in the alphabet soup of government agencies had their way, none of their activities would ever be subject to scrutiny –even by members of Congress who have constitutional oversight responsibility.  Americans would be kept in the dark about how unelected officials are wielding their immense power in ways that are not always fair and judicious.  Sometimes, they are corrupt.

A sane, decent and civilized democracy must never operate completely in the furtive shadows of concealment by its own government.  The Constitution gives Congress the “implied powers” to hold executive branch officials accountable for their actions by lifting the veil of secrecy.  This is the only way to prevent malfeasance and deceit.

The Trump-Russian investigation is a case study in how personal and political bias motivated top officials at the FBI and Justice Department to misuse their authority to target Trump and to spy on his campaign in defiance of the rule of law.