Its our responsibility as bazukulu to protect our sovereignty - Sam Evidence - Whisper Eye

Its our responsibility as bazukulu to protect our sovereignty – Sam Evidence

A call to all the Bazukulu.

According to the African cultural setting when a man grows old its the responsibility of his children to take care of him and protect him against enemies. Its widely known that once you fail to take care of your parents you might end up getting a curse from them.

A child or son who fails to make good use of the family property is taken as a fool in the community. He loses people’s trust and respect and is taken so unserious actually most people take them as wasted children whose parents made a complete loss.

The President chose a good word that is suitable for every youth and some people who have gone beyond the age of youth. He decided to call us Bazukulu. This is very welcome because its under his leadership that we have grown, protected against enemies and got good education got protected against killer diseases and several other good things.

Had he been an irresponsible leader we would have been killed by those killer diseases. Recently in his address the President said the biggest population of Uganda is now educated. They can read, count and write. This is very good.

However we have a number of stubborn Bazukulu who have accepted to be used by foreigners to destroy what we have laboured to put up. They insult so much and they say they have Answers for the Uganda’s Questions, they at the same time say they are capable of taking on the leadership of this Country and it’s true they have rights to express what’s on their minds and chase their ambitions however they should pass through genuine means.

But what is good to note and understand is that Uganda’s Questions should be left to be answerred by Ugandans and not Ugandans who are the shadows or duplicate of the foreigners. We do not know what their interests are in involving in our politics and how we choose our leaders. What I do in my house should be known by myself, if any problem arises am the right person to solve it. Any person from outside who says he will solve it better will be absolutely wrong.

The Bazukulu should be wise enough to protect Uganda’s sovereignty When its finally gone to the hands of the foreigners it will take us time get it back. Just ask yourselves how the Bazukulu of Libya are feeling after their caring grand father is gone. A man who had created safe stays for them and made their life absolutely easy.

If we have Bazukulu who could be misguided in one way or the other, its the responsibility of the patriotic and understanding Bazukuku to bring them back on the line. The understanding Bazukulu should be bold enough to advise those who want to sell our sovereignty. It’s the purpose of us bazukululu to take care of our brothers.

When Cain was asked the whereabouts of his brother Abel he answered in negative, He wondered if he was supposed to look after his brother and its from there that God placed a curse on Cain. This means we are supposed to watch, advise, protect, take and guide our brothers. That’s when we shall be in line with God’s instructions and that’s when we shall be leading to a right direction.

I am not saying that our fellow Bazukulu shouldn’t have friends who are foreigners, by the way even government gets aid from foreign countries and a number of other things that they do for us, but those are good hearted foreigners who wish us well.

These others that are funding bad activities like chaos, burning tires on the roads, causing instability are our enemies and should be taken that way. They have intentions which they are chasing after and those intention is to destroy Uganda and completely crush it into pieces their intentions are to push us back where we have come from.

Bazukulu should stand firm and create a strong wall which the misguided Bazukulu won’t break. That will be done through defeating fear that most Bazukulu have at the moment. It will be done through sensitising our fellow Bazukulu. It should be done by reminding those who are too forgetful. Its should also be done through wakening the Bazukulu who are asleep. They should stand firm and fight lies , propaganda and other hostilities.

When our Jaja felt that things were going wrong he went to the Bush he never went to USA to ask them bombs to destroy Uganda. I think he was in position to attract any form of help and media attention from these western televisions and other platforms they use to publicise our misled Bazukulu.

He fought with only 27 guns and other ability he had and by the Grace of God he won the battle and here we are enjoying fruits of their labour and sacrifice.

If any Muzukulu feels he can be a leader fellow Bazukulu in FDC, DP, UPC, independents and other parties, He should pass through genuine means. Inform all Ugandans what he aspires for and ask for their support.. At the end of the day fellow Bazukulu you’re not going to lead Americans, you’re going to Ugandans, you’re not going to serve the interests of foreigners but those of Ugandans and Africans.

We are not at the same pace with them in as far as development is concerned therefore our problems differ. Good enough we have seen a number of nations they have brought down we shouldn’t accept to destroy Uganda. Let’s be responsible Bazukulu. Always Remember that Uganda questions needs Ugandan solution.