Key Implication in scraping government entities cited in Uganda cabinet decison- Muwada Nkungiinyi - Whisper Eye

Key Implication in scraping government entities cited in Uganda cabinet decison- Muwada Nkungiinyi

Trending is the cabinet decision,to scrap ,realign and merge various service entities and authorities. The reasons cited seems relevant,like ambiguity, reducing expenditure,harmonising service delivery,inter aria.

However speaking as a resident of one village called Uganda, aware of how a sector like UCC has been used to dictate and determine but not promote constitutional media and press freedoms, some key agencies and authorities offering essential direct public services earmarked to follow under their ministries ,such services may become direct prey to political pressure unlike in the present status. The mass loss of employment is another open reality,one is tempted to think that this merger and realignment should be preferably gradual.

When among reasons cited the public reads”reducing public expenditure” a big question remain,on who is this expenditure made, the ratio of public to private employment is presumed at 30:70 and every vital social service from water,power,salt,food,transport,even security is for sale and each price has additional tax. little wonder recently taxes extended to social media(OTT).

Indeed from my area Kasangati town council,apart from upgrading status in name,l have not seen a new road being upgraded in the last 15years and its hardly 10 km from Kampala city centre. Huge public expenses lack accountability but not staff expenses.

As we speak today,only those with big salaries in government are accused of stealing public resources, l have not heard of a teacher,doctor,secretary,clerk being accused of so.instead l here this later group pleading for salary increment as they are teased” we shall dismiss you if you don’t report on duty, we shall hire Cuban doctors ,e.t.c” To a level that health workers at a level of Nurses striking for their welfare.

How can huge salary earners sit to erase roles of poor employees who nearly earn a living. It would be celebrated if the cabinet sat and agreed to reduce numbers of ministries, ministerial privileges, among others. The thinking that loss is only caused by others is not patriotic to a developing economy like Uganda. But the increased high level corruption cases and impunity of some public officer tend to deny government a fair reception of its proposals and initiatives.

As you prepare to buy all MPs armoured or lead cars in addition to multiple benefits at the same time you announce dismissing a secretary earning 200,000/= that government is spending much on him or her, you are just not listening to your inner self. Reducing public expenditure is agreeable but must be a uniform approach affecting all.