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President Museveni full address on national state of affairs

Fellow Countrymen and Countrywomen,

in particular, the Bazzukulu.

I greet you all and I start my address by saying that the population of Uganda, on the 26thof January, 1986, when the NRM took over Kampala, was about 14million People. I say about 14million because the exact number was not known.

Former U.N. chief Kofi Annan to be buried in Ghana on September 13

Former United Nations chief and Noble prize laureate Kofi Annan will be buried in his home country Ghana on Sept 13, the West African nation’s president said on Friday.

Where the President and many citizens becomes superhuman, expect this – Mwaka Lutukumoi

when a president has been in Power for long, he becomes supper human, people around and out of him, or mafias maintaining him, anyone can kill, impunity rises, the suspects are obvious, others to maintain the status quo, others to gain capital.

Woman killed alongside Kirumira not wife, sergeant Bobi Wine says no one is safe

Uganda Police have confirmed the death of one of their own, ASP Muhamad Kirumira who was gunned down Saturday evening on his way home.

President Museveni visits gunned down Kirumira scene of crime

Afande Muhammad Kirumira was on Saturday evening shot as he approached his home in Bulenga.

He died an hour later at Rubaga hospital.

Serena Williams accuses umpire of sexism after outbursts in final

Serena Williams accused the umpire of sexism in docking her a game in the US Open final and said she had not been cheating

Naomi Osaka ‘s 6-2 6-4  victory  was overshadowed by Williams’

Uganda assassinations a very bad element – Sam Evidence

The nation is terrified and shocked to hear about the news of the gruesome assassination of the former DPC of Buyenda District afande Kirumira. This is disheartening and slowly becoming a culture in our country.

ASP Kirumira assassins abandon their boda boda at the crime scene

Uganda’s vocal and critic police ASP Muhammad Kirumira has been assassinated this evening while approaching his home in Bulenga few kilometres from Kampala.