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FDC terminates ties with Bobi Wine over Besigye

 Forum for Democratic Change has broken ties with Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine after learning of his plot to overthrow Dr Kiiza Besigye as the king of opposition in Uganda.


Dr Besigye’s camp has pulled out their support because of the hidden motive and also after establishing that Bobi Wine is a project of imperialists to ruin the country.

From our reliable sources and as earlier reported by this website, Bobi Wine is a project of foreign opportunists who are after Uganda’s resources and plunging the country into chaos in order for them to achieve their motive.

This is evidenced in Bobi Wine’s representation by globally known Lawyer Robert Amsterdam who has a reputation for representing the collective interests of the largest corporations and banks on earth, according to Mr Tony Cartalucci in an article published by the EMPIRE OF THE DECEIT.

Mr Amsterdam’s role is again well evidenced in the way he responded to press questions that Bobi Wine could not.
It all points to the fact that Bobi Wine is clearly working for foreign forces.


For instance, when asked by a South African journalist whether he would encourage disinvestment in Uganda, Bobi Wine didn’t utter a word but Mr Amsterdam answered on the MP’s behalf.

“We are talking to investors who do business in the country. Those key people who invest like Tullow and other activities like key banks in Uganda, they will all be contacted. We must emphasise that investors should know that they have responsibility,” Mr Amsterdam said.

The lawyer also said that meetings will be held with key actors in the US. “We will be meeting with congress men and congress women, members of various State departments,” Mr Amsterdam said.

Information obtained by Whisper Eye media team is that the story of Robert Amsterdam sheds light on yet another cog in the “globocrat” machine, one rarely noticed or reported upon because, like the US funded NGOs, its role is one meant to feed back into localized unrest stimulated by the globalists remotely.

In a recent statement, President Museveni had this to say about protests in Kampala: “I was told that the Kampala demonstrating groups of Monday were more of a nuisance than a menace- which the Arua groups were.

The Monday groups were operating in small groups, burning tyres and, then, sending them to social media, working for those who pay them, to show that Uganda is unstable.

He added that: “The enemies of Uganda are now worried at the emerging strength of the economy of Uganda.”

Subsequently, Amsterdam’s job is to rehabilitate failed color revolutions, failed puppets, fallen thorns from the sides of the globalists’ ‘enemies’ and to ensure that no matter how deep and dark the hole is a foreign country puts the globalists’ operatives, they remain a burden and concern upon them indefinitely.

Robert Amsterdam isn’t just any ordinary lawyer—he is co-founder of Amsterdam & Peroff, a major corporate member of the globalist nexus Chatham House, an organization that represents the collective interests of the largest corporations and banks on earth as noted above.

Bobi-Wine dinning with Kizza Besigye

He boasts support from the Economist, a fellow member of the Chatham House, and is afforded an entire page on the Huffington Post to pass off his obscure legal claptrap as “commentary.”

Then there is the fact that nearly all of his clients are either exiled, on the run, or rotting in prison for various crimes, yet he is still able to find more “high profile” cases like the one of Bobi Wine.

According to Mr Cartalucci’s article cited above, Amsterdam’s most recent and perhaps most notorious cases involve one a Russian oligarch named Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and a Thai police colonel-turned-billionaire tycoon Thaksin Shinawatra.

Khodorkovsky is guilty and indeed sitting in a Siberian prison for embezzling billions.

His Thai counterpart, Thaksin, also has two years coming to him for immense fraud.

It is not surprise that the lawyer was quick to jump on Bobi Wine’s case.

Bobi Wine is charged with treason contrary to Section 23 of the Penal Code Act after he attempted to harm President Yoweri Museveni, during a campaign rally chaos in Arua district.

This website understands that although Dr Besigye gets support from foreigners and is interested in becoming the President of Uganda, he has refused to be used as their agent to cause havoc to Uganda.