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Bobi Wine MP charged with treason,remanded to prison up to 30th August

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Bobi Wine pictured being assisted to get out of the police van to attend  court in Gulu


Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi, best known as Bobi Wine, was Thursday charged with treason by Gulu Magistrates Court, and then remanded to prison.

The legislator will remain on remand at Gulu Central Prison in northern Uganda until August 30.

Appearing feeble and needing a hand into the packed civilian court, Bobi Wine was allowed to access private medication while in detention.

After a week in military confinement following his arrest and subsequent charge on three counts, Bobi Wine was granted freedom after the State dropped the charges against him on Thursday.

But his freedom was short-lived.

Moments after being helped out of the courtroom by fellow MPs, it was brought to the legislator’s notice that he would be re-arrested

. And it did come to pass.
He was helped by his wife Barbie into a Police vehicle and then driven off to the Gulu Magistrates Court, where he would be charged.

Once inside the filled courtroom, Kyagulanyi was charged with treason .

He was then remanded to Gulu prison until August 30, 2018 when he will appear with his co-accused.

Bobi Wine first appeared before General Court Martial that sat in Gulu where the state exonerated him from the charges of illegal possession of firearms that he had been early charged with.

“I have instructions that the proceedings before this court under Regulation 65 of the Uganda Peoples’ Defense Forces procedure be terminated and the accused person be released henceforth,” the army prosecutor told court currently sitting at 4th Division UPDF headquarters in Gulu.

The state revealed that they want to add him on the charge sheet of the treason case in which fellow MPs are facing before a civil court.

But shortly after the state expressed interest in dropping the charges, of being in unlawful possession of firearms contrary to the Firearms Act and being in unlawful possession of live ammunition, Medard Segona, one of the lawyers of MP Kyagulanyi cautioned the military court not to be used by government to fight political wars.

Bobi Wine and his co-accused who are able to, have been allowed to access medical attention in any private facility they wish to go to, under the security of the prison authorities.